Oxygen Workout Series!

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Check me out in all month in Oxygen Magazine! I was chosen to example the exercises for a 4 part series of workouts written by my good friend Obi Obadike, who has just co-authored a book with actor Morris Chestnut called The Cut (available in stores now!). Celebrity trainer and [...]

I’ve Had Enough! The First 5 Steps I Take To Lose Fat Without Stepping Foot in A Gym

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Coach Julie Germaine We all know the moment. When you've missed cardio more than a few times... have avoided the scale so the calories from those extra indulgences don't count... and catch a glimpse of your reflection in horror - Where did that roll come from? Or even worse - Your yoga pant waistline is [...]

Calculate Your Caloric Intake

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Coach Julie Germaine, 2x WBFF Pro Fitness Model Champion Do you know how many calories to eat to achieve your fitness goals? This helpful caloric intake calculator is great! Truth is, your diet is much more important than your training regime when it comes to fitness results. To begin to establish the right program [...]

Finding Time for Fitness

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  Finding Time for Fitness: How to balance training with your work schedule and social life Is it possible to have it all? A successful career, money to vacation with the family and an admirable physique? YES! Here are some tips to help you get closer to living all your dreams: The struggle to balance [...]

DICED ABS: 4 Tips the Pros Have Kept a Secret

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Never allow yourself to get hungry! Eat often to ensure your metabolism is kicking by planning portion controlled meals every 2-4 hours. Don’t do too much cardio! If your cardio sessions are in excess of 45 minutes you risk becoming catabolic and losing muscle density. If you want deep cuts, you need thick, full muscle [...]