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| Full Body Weight Loss Transformation for Men & Women
(5 weeks, 4-5 day splits, 30-60 mins) • Gym Workouts • Detailed Nutrition Plan • Shaping/Firming/Muscle Development/Fatloss |

Have an important upcoming event you want to look your best for? Push yourself for the next 5 weeks with this fitness challenge for men and women! Coach Julie Germaine’s effective weight loss program includes a detailed nutrition plan with vegetarian and gluten-free options, helpful grocery list and delicious recipe ideas. The mobile-friendly workouts will get you in great shape and include high definition video exercise tutorials for every movement! Your trainer is available every step of the way to motivate and educate you.

Program includes an optional ‘peak week’ diet plan to use if you are preparing for a photoshoot.

Coach Julie schedules weekly coaching calls to answer questions and help motivate you! She welcomes questions always, so you will have her full support during your physique transformation to ensure your success.

Coach Julie has provided five weeks of workout programs guaranteed to get fantastic results! Training sessions are 4 to 5 day splits, approximately 30-60 mins, varying with your rest and cardio time. You can download printable PDFs to take to the gym with you or access the mobile-friendly workouts that feature clickable links to HD video exercise tutorials to train you in proper form. Cardio recommendations are included to ensure fat-burning is in full effect.

Training programs vary for men and women, but subscribing gives you full access to every Coach Julie Germaine training program!

Proper nutrition plays a key role in weight loss success. Coach Julie provides a meal-by-meal nutrition guide that offers both vegetarian and gluten-free options. Diet plan is reviewed every week so your body won’t hit a training plateau and you will continue to lose weight! You will have access to all the diet plans, and can choose the right one for you based on your current fitness level. Nutritional Guidelines are provided for both men and women.

Optional ‘peak week’ food guide to help you look your best if you are prepping for a photoshoot! Supplement advice provided to help you streamline your fitness results and Coach Julie is always available to help her clients by answering questions to further customize your meals.

5 Week Fitness Challenge

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