Eat Quality

Fuel your body with quality food! My standard approach with Julie Germaine clients who are focused on fat loss is to start with a 50/30/20 breakdown, being 50% protein, 30% carbs and 20% fat.


Sweat Often

You may or may not learn to love your workouts, but my clients understand their importance! Including physical activity in your daily or weekly routine is key to building your dream body and maintaining your good health.


Recharge Yourself

Recovery days are necessary! Not only do we feel more energetic with adequate rest, but our mood is improved and we handle stress better. Your muscles need downtime to repair. My programs always take this into consideration.


Take Action

Thank you for trusting me with your health! I have helped thousands of men and women achieve incredible physique transformations and I believe you can be one of them. Start today and tomorrow we will be that much closer to achieving your goal together.

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Try It Now

My Membership Site Offers HD Video Tutorials for Every Exercise!

  • Lat Pulldowns x 4 sets, reps: 12/10/10/10
  • SS Cobras with Cable x 3 sets, reps 8 to 12 with 2 count hold
  • Cable Row x 4 sets, reps: 10
  • Close Grip Underhand Pulldown x 3 sets, reps: 10
  • Standing Alternating DB Curls x 4 sets, reps: 10/side, SS with reduced weight BB 21s
  • Machine Bicep Curls or Concentration Curls x 3 sets, reps: 10, Superset Seated Spider Curls
  • Ball Crunches or Cable Crunches x 4 sets, reps: 12, Spider Man Plank Crunch x 8/side, Frankstein Abs x 8/side
My Membership Site Offers HD Video Tutorials for Every Exercise!

  • Machine Bench Press or Barbell Bench Press x 4 sets, reps: 12/10/8/8
  • Incline Dumbbell Bench Press x 4 sets, reps: 12, Superset Chest Compressions with Plate x 6 slow reps
  • Incline DB Flyes x 4 sets, reps: 12, Superset Dips for Chest to Fail
  • Incline Machine Press (full Range of Motion) x 2 sets, reps: 12
  • Tricep Pressdowns with Rope x 3 sets, reps: 12, Superset Cable Cross-over 21s
  • DB Tricep Kickbacks x 3 sets, reps: 10/side, Superset Close Grip Weighted Push-ups to Fail
My Membership Site Offers HD Video Tutorials for Every Exercise!

  • Leg Press or Squats with Smith or BB x 4 sets, reps: 15/12/10/10
  • Walking Lunges with DBs or Alternating Lunges x 4 sets, reps: 20 steps
  • Leg Curls x 4 sets, reps: 12, Superset Goblet Squat x 8-12 reps
  • Leg Extensions (10/10 dropset) x 3 sets, reps: 20 (10 reps, dropset for 10 reps)
  • Calf Machine or Standing Single Leg Calf Raises x 4 sets, reps: 12
  • Laying Leg Raises x 4 sets, reps: 15, Superset Donkey Calf Raises x 15
My Membership Site Offers HD Video Tutorials for Every Exercise!

  • Machine or DB Shoulder Press x 4 sets, reps: 12/10/10/10
  • Front Raise with DBs x 4 sets, reps: 12, Superset Leaning DB Lateral Raise x 8/side
  • Side Delt Machine or Standing DB Lateral Raises x 3 sets, reps: 12
  • Barbell Shrugs x 4 sets, reps: 15, Superset Russian Twists x 12
  • Smith Machine Upright Row x 3 sets, reps: 15
  • Oblique Crunches x 4 sets, reps: 12/side, Push-up to Side Plank, Plate Twist
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This resistance training guideline provides you with 4 different workouts. You can train 3-6 times per week, starting with Day 1 the first day, Day 2 the following day and so on. Between sets, rest 60-90 seconds and incorporate light stretching as you lead up to intense training. It is recommended you eat before bodybuilding and drink plenty of fluid during and after training. Always ensure you do a 5 to 10 minute warm-up before lifting and your first few sets should be bodyweight only or light weight to avoid injury.
Aerobic exercise is an important part of any fitness plan. Including cardio will help you streamline fat loss. There are many activities you can choose from to get sweaty and burn calories, however I recommend you stay away from high impact exercises such as running. My favorite fat-burning activities are spin classes, HIIT on elliptical or bike and stepmill/stepper. Cardio is most effective when done fasted before breakfast or immediately after resistance training.
Rest days are where the magic happens! Your body needs time to recover and repair the muscle tissues that you damaged during weight training, so ensure you incorporate rest days every 2-3 days. As you become more fit, you will recover more quickly but, at first, your body will ache and need the downtime. Ensure you take care of yourself! To ease muscle soreness, you can incorporate light cardio on rest days, followed by mild stretching. It is also recommended to soak in a hot bath or book a massage to be kind to your body.

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