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Hi! I’m Coach Julie Germaine, Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Specialist & Prenatal Fitness Expert,
fit mama & 2x International Pro Fitness Model Champion.

fitness is life

I am incredibly thankful for my health. Every day, I enjoy physical activity and helping others improve their quality of life through fitness.

It’s easy to allow ‘things’ to get in the way of your achieving your fitness goals. We all have daily stress and priorities that dominate our time, that make getting to the gym seem like a luxury… and unfortunately many people don’t realize the damage that a sedentary lifestyle is doing to their body until symptoms of exhaustion or adverse health effects appear. You can improve your health, starting right this moment!

My passion is providing fitness inspiration and proving to my online personal training clients that it’s never too late to see the benefits of physical activity and proper nutrition! I have helped thousands of men and women around the world transform their bodies. Their amazing physique transformations will motivate you! Whether your fitness goal is to lose weight or build muscle, I can help you break through training plateaus to get fantastic body transformation results! I am also certified in pre- and postnatal fitness, so you can trust me to help you navigate the changes to your body when you are expecting a baby and provide you with fun and effective pregnancy safe workouts you can even do at home.

My mens fitness and womens fitness program are structured differently, to appropriately motivate my various clients and burn bodyfat from targeted problem areas. Want to lose belly fat? Read about my 30 Day VIP Fat Loss Challenge and try my fat cutting program, designed to shed pounds quickly while preserving muscle mass. Women – do you want to shape your legs & glutes and reduce cellulite? I have a number of different programs available within my Julie Germaine Fitness Community, such as the Best Butt Builder Fitness Program to help you get smaller hips, tighten your butt & thighs and shrink your waistline! I am also happy to offer my customized online personal training service since 2005, SCHEDULE A FREE CALL TO LEARN MORE.

My decade+ as a competitive professional fitness model makes me an expert in fat loss, having tried & tested various dieting techniques. I can show you how to preserve and build muscle on a cutting diet and offer expert nutritional supplement advice. I love physique consulting and often am the one introducing newbies to weight training.

All of my online training systems include high definition video exercise tutorials and workout instruction to help you learn the proper form for weight lifting. Injury prevention is very important, so you can expect to become educated on stretching, rehab techniques, how to ease muscle soreness and treat joint pain and more.

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fitness challenge

Everyone loves the convenience of the online world, and I am thrilled that I have been able to deliver fitness to you digitally! But something is missing when you aren’t in a class setting; the accountability of the friends you see and the motivation of a trainer keeping tabs on you. I have found that getting clients together to start their fitness journey as a group leads to greater success! Taking part in the challenges will help you take your fitness to the next level with support from others who are chasing their own goals.

Live Coaching Calls

Log onto the regular live coaching calls to ask questions or get motivated by your trainer! Coach Julie can provide insight into your destructive habits and help you overcome those obstacles to make a true, lasting lifestyle change.

Fresh Workouts

Never get bored of your fitness routine! Not only will you have a plan and learn new training styles, but changing up your program regularly with different exercises is a fantastic way to break through plateaus and improve results.

Shock Your System

Boost your energy with a clean eating cleanse and give purpose to your workouts! It’s fun to train with a short term goal in mind and have others on the adventure with you. The extra focus you get is the key to success.

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