Book: The 90-Day Weight Training Plan

Book: The 90-Day Weight Training Plan

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The 90-Day Weight Training Plan Book by Julie Germaine Coram

Push your personal limits and begin building your dream physique in 90 days by learning how to properly challenge your body during weight training. The 90-Day Weight Training Plan is a customizable program that makes nutrition simple, with easy-to-understand week-by-week guides that explain carb timing, appropriate protein intake, and food choices to build lean muscle mass.

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

13 reviews for Book: The 90-Day Weight Training Plan

  1. Nikki

    Congrats on being the Best Selling new book in your category, Julie! I received my copy today and think you did a wonderful job. You deserve all the success in the world.

    • Julie Germaine

      How sweet!!! Thank you so much, Nikki

  2. Carol Mulanax and Julie Moon

    I received a print copy of the book at no charge and was pleased by the clear plan laid out in it. The exercises are easy to accomplish at home with limited equipment and space, which is very handy these days. I showed the book to my mother and she was very happy with the food recommendations. She said she has been eating that way her whole life, and she’s over 90! The illustrations made figuring out the proper form for the exercises easier, and they were so cheerful, they made me actually want to work out!

  3. Mike Chu

    I have known Jules for about 8 years now. She has always been friendly, professional and very knowledgeable about nutrition, fitness and mental/emotional wellness. I am surprised that she did not punish a book sooner. The depth of her can and know how to personality shines. This book is a great read and very informative. I look forward to her next book!

  4. James Gunning

    What can I say about this women Julie Germaine.. she is the Real Deal!! She is so knowledgeable about the health and fitness world. She is one of the most dedicated women I know to the cause. What she preaches she does. She can turn a nobody into a somebody with her knowledge. I’m happy she has this book out, and I hope you all will read it. Knowledge is key and you will be mesmerized about what you read.

  5. Edith Labelle

    Julie is so knowledgeable in health and fitness! Years ago she helped me prepare for my very first fitness competition. I was amazed at the results she helped me achieve in as little as 2 months and I got second place in a big regional competition. I was really excited to hear Julie had decided to write a book and share her knowledge with the world! I highly recommend this book if like me you love to learn and improve your health and physique. At the moment I am training at home more than ever so this book truly is a priceless tool!!

  6. George Kontaxis

    Julie is one of the top trainers, competitors and models in the fitness industry and in this book she shares her expertise and in depth knowledge on training and nutrition in a way that is easily understandable and informative. The book is filled with valuable information that can help anyone who is looking to improve their physical health. Definitely a book to read again and again in someones fitness journey.

  7. Quirt McDonald

    Solid book, iv know Julie for years now, iv saw her transformer and change people’s lives with online coaching methods. Motivate and inspire countless individuals. This book is a wealth of knowledge she has built across decades in the fitness industry. She didn’t become 2x world diva champ without knowing a thing or two

  8. Chris Fields

    It’s a great book for those who need a solid workout plan. Highly recommended.

  9. Mommy of Many

    This is a really thorough book that doesn’t just help you get started weight training but also provides detailed information about what to eat every day and more. There are illustrations of every exercise in the second half of the book, and each day tells you exactly what exercises to do with tips and more. I wish the workout instructions had the page numbers of the exercises, because many of them are new to me and it’s time consuming to look for every one of them, but that’s a small issue. I really like that the time is listed too and it’s generally 10 to 15 minutes, with rest days too. There are beginner instructions and then it tells you to add a couple of specific exercises if you’re more advanced for each day. I’m not sure I’ll use the detailed nutritional plan as I have different needs as a middle aged woman than some other readers and don’t like using things like protein powders, but it’s a great resource for those who want it. I feel optimistic about starting the workout plan though.

  10. Obi Obadike

    Julie Germaine does a great job on giving the everyday, average person a formulated 90-day detailed fitness program/plan to follow. This book will truly help give them the tools to get in the best shape in 90 days. It is a well-structured and an easy read program. I would recommend that any person who is serious about wanting to get in great shape, lose weight, drop body fat and/or gain lean muscle purchase The 90-Day Weight Training Plan. She knows what she is talking about―just look at her phenomenal physique, and her clients’ results speak for itself.

  11. Terry Frendy, CEO Inside Fitness Magazine

    Julie Germaine creates an excellent, efficient, and adaptable approach to fitness that can be accessible to those of any skill level―even those beginners who are looking for a place to start.

  12. Paul Bodnarchuk, PSC Corporate executive

    If you are new to fitness or experienced and need to change your program, I recommend this book for you. Julie has made it easy and achievable for anyone at any level to reach your goals!

  13. Kim

    I loved working with you on this book, Julie! I can’t wait to see the ways in which your expertise and training plans help people to better their lives and health!

    • Julie Germaine

      Thank you, Kim! I appreciated your help and hope to connect again on a project in the future!

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