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Julie Germaine joins Kaizen Naturals

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Fitness Expert JULIE GERMAINE joins Kaizen Naturals By Top-Rated Nutrition Expert Julie Germaine Photo by Patrick Sequin, Montreal, QC Fitness expert Julie Germaine is excited to join the KaizenNaturals team officially this year! If you want to take advantage of her discount on her fav products, click below and get 20% off using [...]

Amelia a Cover Model at 2 Years Old!

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Amelia and I are so honoured and excited to grace the cover of this month's Neighbours Magazine! Click the button below to read our cover story. CLICK TO VIEW COVER & FULL ARTICLE Thank you to those who reached out and spent time to put this together, we are really touched [...]

Ask The Body Sculptor – How Can I Get Lean Enough To Have a Six Pack

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My first column, Ask the Body Sculptor, is LIVE on Bodybuilding.com ----> it's pretty amazing to have TWO articles featured from the homepage! CHECK OUT THE ARTICLE NOW   Go check it out and comment your thoughts! I welcome your questions for my next one - info@juliegermaine.com

Bodybuilding.com Contributor Debut for Julie Germaine!

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Well, what an exciting day!!! Today my very 1st Bodybuilding.com article is LIVE... and I am proud to announce that I will be a regular monthly contributor to the largest fitness website in the world! When I began my fitness journey, before I ever stepped on stage as a competitor, I was a [...]

Coach Julie Authors her 1st Book!

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Guess what? I have a new book! After a LOT of hard work behind the scenes for the past several months, I'm so excited to finally announce that I have a new book coming out! The 90-Day Weight Training Plan is about pushing your personal limits and beginning to build your dream physique in [...]

Breastfeeding During Our Home Workout

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I hope that everyone is staying safe & healthy, practicing social distancing and quarantine to stop the spread of covid-19 virus. This is very serious and scary! My 19 month old daughter and I are doing our best to keep a routine at home, and this includes a daily workout together, like [...]

Fun Rhymes & Activity for Babies & Toddlers!

By |2020-03-20T17:55:24-05:00March 20th, 2020|Julie's Personal Journey|

As we practice social distancing, Amelia & I are very much missing our weekly activities, including our morning rhyming groups! Here are 13 fun songs that we love to share with you so you can do them along at home. I am not a singer!!! You are meant to sing over [...]

3rd Trimester Stretches from Standing Position

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It is extremely common for expecting mothers to experience hip, back and neck pain, particularly in their 3rd trimester. Many of my pregnant clients find these stretches help ease some of their discomfort, often allowing them to continue training. However, in the final months of gestation, be kind to yourself! Accept that you [...]

How to Self-Diagnose and Treat Diastasis Recti

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Diastasis recti abdominis or DRA is when the two rectus abdominis muscles become separated along the linea alba or the fibrous band of tissue that runs from the bottom of the sternum (xiphoid process) to the symphysis pubis. If you'd like my help [...]

3 For One! You Asked For It!

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I asked my followers to submit their health & fitness questions - and appreciated the fantastic response! Thank you for sending me your inquiries about exercise, nutrition, competing, getting sponsorship, fit pregnancy and more. I am going to reply to each and every one of you, so please continue to submit your fitness [...]