2X Champion Julie Germaine is a Fitness Expert, Winning Pro Athlete & International Cover Model

She has devoted her life to her passion for fitness and helping others reach their physique goals.

Julie Germaine is a NFLA Certified Fitness Expert & Prenatal Trainer, and a NASM Certified Nutrition Specialist. She is also a world-class fitness champion who has been featured in and contributed to numerous fitness magazines.

Since 2006, Julie Germaine has been a fitness expert and winning competitive athlete.

Julie has supported thousands in achieving incredible weight loss transformations through her online influence, particularly her website juliegermaine.com. She continues to be inspired by the way her clients’ lives are improved far past their appearance when they embrace an active routine. Julie is down-to-earth and passionate about health. She realizes everyone’s motivation is different and strives to push her clients to be successful toward their own individual goals.

This cover model is proud to be ranked as a top fitness professional for the past decade. Julie has won 2 international championships and repeated placed 1st and 2nd runner-up at the World Beauty Fitness & Fashion Championships!

Julie’s mission is to help everyday people reach their fitness goals and maintain happy, balanced lifestyles.

She welcomed her first child in August 2018 and, along with body transformations, she now specializes in pre- and post-natal fitness. Julie is eager to support new moms in staying active during their pregnancies.

Julie published her first book, “The 90-Day Weight Training Plan,” in fall 2020, and her health-related cookbook releases in March 2021.

Image left: Noel Daganta Photography

I’ve also been seen in IFM Hot & Fit 100! almost every season, Van Glam Magazine, Planet Muscle Magazine, WBFF Girls of WBFF Calendar, Status Super Fitness Model Calendar, Ms April, 2010 Status Fitness Model Calendar, Oxyy Girl! 2010 Workout Series. I am a regular Bodybuilding.com Contributor, and write for Style Manitoba, Inside Fitness Magazine, numerous printed newspapers, and guest blog on for various companies.

Competition History

1st Place, 2006 MABBA Novice, Fitness (1st competition!)
1st Place, 2008 MABBA Provincial Fitness
2008 Oxygen Fitness Future of Fitness
Overall Winner, 2008 Ms Fitness Manitoba
6th Place in Pro Debut, 2009 WBFF Worlds, Pro Fitness
2009 Inside Fitness Hot & Fit 100 Model
2010 WBFF Pro Fitness Model World Champ Runner-up
2011 WBFF Pro Fitness Model World Champ 2nd Runner-up
6th Place, 2012 WBFF Worlds, ProDiva Fitness Model

2013 Ms WBFF Pro Finess Model Diva NORTH AMERICAN Champion!
2013 5th, WBFF Pro Fitness Model World Championships in Las Vegas
2014 WBFF Pro Fitness Model Champion! REPEAT CHAMPION
2015 WBFF Pro Fitness Model World Championships, Top 10 Finalist
2016 3rd Place 35+, WBFF Worlds Pro Fitness Model

2x WBFF Pro Fitness North America (2013/2014)

8th in the World 2015 WBFF World Championships
– Top Fitness Model in Canada!

Earned 2nd Runner-Up 2016 World Championships
– Top Canadian Fitness Model!

Personal Words From Julie

I am excited to expand my online  programs this year! You can now work with me to get a kickstart in your weightloss and on an on-going basis to build muscle and develop your dream body.

Fitness is one of my life’s passions. When I was introduced to weight training at 17 through Oxygen Women’s Fitness Magazine, I dragged my girl friend into the grungy basement gym of our high school every morning before class… she lasted less than a week and my habit never stopped. I have previously been a competitive dancer but was finding the classes difficult to fit into my work and school schedule. As a shy girl, I found team sports intimidating and had experienced bullying during junior high so preferred individual activities. My family genetics warned of weight gain, so I knew I needed to find a way to stay healthy. Weight training strengthened my body and my confidence.

In my early 20s I noticed the results were slowing and I had a skinny/fat body with no definition. I was under 100 pounds, suffering from intense migraines and developing an unhealthy relationship with food. Thankfully I took notice of the bodybuilding coverage at the back of Oxygen and had an epiphany that I should enter a contest to learn how these women built such amazing bodies! I researched what my local community had to offer for competitions and was very excited after watching my first show. It was a perfect goal to work toward and combined my passions for dance, the art of the human body and fitness into one! My mind was made up and I gave myself a year to train for my first fitness show.

Unfortunately, the year leading up to my debut was extremely challenging. I realize now that focusing on my workouts and having control over my diet was a very positive force in overcoming the hardships in my personal life. Fitness is my stress relief. At some of the most difficult times in my life, you could find me in the gym in the middle of the night – giving my mind a break and letting go of my worries on the weights. I also had met a wonderful group of supportive women who made me feel accepted. It was great to finally have a place I fit in!

I reached the stage in 2006 and – to my surprise – won first place against tough competition! I was hooked on the bodybuilding lifestyle.

Learning how to eat properly saved me from the far-too-common problem of an eating disorder and I am passionate about teaching others how to fuel their bodies and control their weight.


My over 11 years in the fitness industry have been a rollercoaster of exhilarating success and crushing disappointments. I have been blessed to befriend outstanding and inspiring individuals from around the world, shoot with top photographers in exotic locations and perform on the most glamorous stages in North America! I have also endured experiences that I could never have predicted nor deserved. Maintaining faith in myself pulled me through tough times and I believe that my hardships give me knowledge and empathy to help others through similar misfortunes.

A champion believes in themselves even when no one else does.

My hard work and fortitude was rewarded! In 2008, after two previous attempts, I earned the overall title of Miss Manitoba. In 2013, I was finally crowned a Pro Fitness Model Champion. I successful defended my title the following year to become a 2x Champion! Every year that I step on stage, I am thankful and feel blessed. To celebrate my passion and be counted as one of the best in the world is a dream come true and I strive to share my experiences with my clients to help them enjoy the benefits of living an active, healthy lifestyle.

Fitness is my lifeboat! My choice to be active every day helped me create a life I love and overcome many setbacks. Loving myself and always cherishing my health continues to inspire me to make decisions that bring me closer to happiness.

To your health and success,


Photo credits: David Ford, Paul Buceta, Envision, WForrest, Pink Elephant, D Risley, Mark Bradfield