Hamstrings Priority Workout

Why Everyone Should Have This Day In Their Split

So your goal is to have less cellulite, build a bigger butt or thicker legs? If more cardio or training glutes and quads is your focus, you aren’t wrong! But often people naturally have weak and undeveloped hamstrings, so adding this priority day to correct an imbalance will lead to fantastic leg gains!

Many women suffer from cellulite at the backs of their legs. Building up the group of three muscles that connect at your buttock and knees (hamstrings) will spread fat deposits over a larger area, reducing the bumpy appearance. Having more lean muscle mass will reduce your overall bodyfat, which will also help this problematic area feel tighter and firmer.

If you hang out at the gym, you know everyone is obsessed with a how to build a better butt. Well, glutes are just one part of the posterior chain – and so often women are doing a million exercises for glutes, and completely neglecting their hamstrings! Trust me, saving time for hamstring-isolation exercises that lift the glutes will make a huge difference in getting your ideal perky butt.

If size and strength is your motivation, to build lower body, then be sure not to forget the whole back section of it! Leg curls and other eccentric leg exercises will increase your squat 1RM and one rep maximums on other compound exercises. This is especially true if you doing doing full range of motion. The deeper you sit into a squat, the more hamstrings are recruited in the lift.

Aesthetics aside, strong and flexible hamstrings play an important role in eccentric strength and injury prevention. Important to consider for any athlete, the hamstrings help stabilize the knee. Did you know that this is the muscle group most frequently injured in both men and women? This is a result of weak hamstrings.

So if showing off the backs of your thighs stresses you out, don’t fret! I am here to help! Add this hamstring priority workout into your weekly routine and you are sure to notice a HUGE difference in a matter of weeks! Are you excited to try it? Comment below so I know what my readers want more of! Thanks for taking the time.

Enjoy This Leg Day Workout!

Try this free workout as a fitness challenge to yourself this week! Aim to contract the hamstrings tightly and really connect with the muscle group on each rep. Remember that stretching is part of a full workout! Click here for my stretching routine.

Barbell Deadlift
3-6 sets,
reps: 15×1, 12×4, 8×1

Prone Leg Curls
3 sets,
8 to 12 reps

Standing Single Leg Curl
3 sets,
8 to 12 reps

Ball Leg Curls
3 sets,
15 reps

Bench Hyperextensions
3 sets,
12 to 15 reps

Single Leg Eccentric Curls (watch until the end for single leg version)
3 sets,
8 to 12 reps

Eccentric Leg Curls
3 sets,
8 to 12 reps (2 counts eccentric)

Working Out In a Home Gym?

Here are some exercises to use in substitution:
Deadlift holding DBs or other weight
x 6 sets
Ball Leg Curls x 3 sets
Single Leg Ball Leg Curls x 3 sets/ea
Hyperextensions over Stability Ball
with Bent Knee x 4 sets
Eccentric Leg Curls
(with Partner Holding Feet) x 3 sets

If you’d like my help to build your hamstrings and lift your glutes, start shaping your legs TODAY using my popular JG Fit Online Programs!

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