Summer Shape Workout

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Sweat with Julie: FREE! Summer Shape Workout Delt & Core (30 mins) • Home Workout, No Equipment Required • Shaping/Firming/Fatloss Thanks for using Julie Germaine's online fitness programs. [wpfp-link] Always begin with a 5 min warm-up please. Click each exercise name to view a helpful video tutorial. Rest [...]

Best Butt Builder

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Best Butt Builder | Glutes (12 months, 3-6 day splits, 30-60 mins) • Home or Gym Workouts, No Equipment Required Workout Options • Shaping/Firming/Muscle Development/Fatloss | My butt was my problem area. I struggled for years to tighten my butt to have more confidence in a bikini. This program will [...]

3 Great Exercises That Require No Equipment!

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These exercises are a great way to tighten your glutes, hamstrings, thighs and core while sweating away bodyfat - no equipment needed! My online training programs and the glute-priority membership area on offer many workout routines with unique exercises like these ones! Get access to new workouts weekly that will be effective [...]

DICED ABS: 4 Tips the Pros Have Kept a Secret

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Never allow yourself to get hungry! Eat often to ensure your metabolism is kicking by planning portion controlled meals every 2-4 hours. Don’t do too much cardio! If your cardio sessions are in excess of 45 minutes you risk becoming catabolic and losing muscle density. If you want deep cuts, you need thick, full muscle [...]