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We all know the moment. When you’ve missed cardio more than a few times… have avoided the scale so the calories from those extra indulgences don’t count… and catch a glimpse of your reflection in horror – Where did that roll come from? Or even worse – Your yoga pant waistline is actually uncomfortable.

That’s IT, right? You need to decide, am I moving up a size or getting my act together? Choose health!

You better believe I have those moments. The active lifestyle I enjoy requires me to take time off to rehab my body and continue to stay injury-free. Usually it’s around the middle of winter when enough is enough and I want to shed the extra layer of insulation I had so much fun putting on!

Just for you, here are 5 steps to control weight gain. These are the first things I do to begin the process of leaning up, none of which involve my workout regime! After nearly a decade as a fitness coach, I know that gaining muscle and losing body fat has a lot to do with what you are eating. I want to help make eating right easier for myself and my clients, so I have thousands of tips and information to share. Forming new healthy habits can be tricky, so here are a few of the ways I ease the transition to begin a body transformation.

5 Easy Steps to Control Weight Gain:

  1. Rid the house of junk food
    This isn’t suggesting you discontinue your current relaxed diet and start living on green beans and chicken! By removing chips, cookies and ice cream from your cupboards, you have to plan cheat meals, so you don’t mindlessly devour the fatty, high carb foods that are conveniently in your kitchen. Help yourself to reduce your caloric intake and stop putting on weight by getting temptations out of sight and off your mind.
  2. Increase your carbohydrate intake
    Yes, you read that correctly! To be successful in losing weight, you need enough calories and nutrients to encourage your body to attack fat. Planning health, low-glycemic  carb meals early in your day keeps your energy high, cravings at bay and your mind focused on success. Great options are sweet potatoes, brown rice, whole wheat bread, quinoa and oatmeal. This power-packed foods can be very beneficial during your fitness transformation.
  3. Start taking the stairs
    At least once a day, choose to climb some stairs instead of the elevator.
    Taking the Elevator = 0 calories
    Climbing 1 Flight of Stairs = 7 calories
    Descending 1 Flight of Stairs = 6 calories
    By the end of the week, you can easily deduct 224 calories from your intake – or enjoy a few glasses of wine guilt-free on the weekend as a reward!
    Many people don’t realize that spiking your metabolism with light exercise such as walking up stairs allows you to continue to you burn more calories for a few hours – you see the benefit of your health choice all morning!
  4. Get enough sleep
    Being tired makes everything less efficient – including your metabolism! Committing yourself to a minimum of 7 hours of sleep will help you better cope with the day’s challenges and avoid release of the hydrocortisone hormone to combat stress. Keeping cortisol levels low allows the body to release fat cells and promotes a healthy immune system.
    In addition, your body repairs damaged tissues during REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, which is sometimes referred to a stage 5 sleep, so you want to get as much of this stage as you can! Your body shifts in and out of different stages of sleep each night, so allowing longer rest periods increases the amount of REM sleep you clock nightly, often characterized by vivid dreams.
  5. Increase your daily water intake
    Start toting along your favourite recyclable water bottle and sip constantly on that H20! Water helps you to feel fuller all day, increases your energy naturally, improves food digestion and rids you of stomach bloat. The first few days may be uncomfortable, but trust the process and drink 3-4 litres of fluid daily.

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Coach Julie Germaine
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