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Hundreds of workouts you can do in your home gym! Choose to follow a weekly fitness program organized into training splits or simply pick the body part you want to train today! Print out the workout or view online.

Click through the mobile-friendly weight training programs and learn from Coach Julie via high definition video exercise tutorials for every movement. Easy to use, complete membership area!

Download annual fitness programs that fit your goals, including diet advice. Exercise anywhere from 2 to 6 times per week – you set your schedule! Print your workout or add to your favs for quick online access!

Allow Coach Julie to lay out your full year for the best fitness results! Membership programs take you through five training phases: foundations, build, cut, strength and maintenance, to transform your body month by month and avoid hitting plateaus in your progress.

Enjoy step by step instruction from Coach Julie, including weekly membership meetings to chat directly and get to know one another! Your personal questions will be answered and support on your fitness journey is guaranteed.

Fitness masterclasses by industry experts have been created to teach you all the Pro secrets and help you embrace your fit lifestyle! You will love the carefully thought out health & fitness tutorials and appreciate the new content added regularly.

Fitness challenges make getting in great shape fun and give you that much needed motivation! Try new training styles and dieting techniques to figure out what works best for your body type. Coach Julie’s 5 week mens fitness and womens fitness challenges are popular!

Workout program options for beginners, intermediate and advanced exercisers! Coach Julie always adds to her exercise tutorial database to bring you new ideas for exercising at home, in a gym or even with no equipment!

Support and education on personal development in other areas of your life will help you keep a positive mindset, a key element of longterm success! Surrounding yourself with like-minded, healthy individuals has a real effect on your own attitude.

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Monthly Membership

  • Full Website Access
  • Mobile-Friendly Workout Programs
  • Download Annual Training Packages
  • Fitness Masterclasses
  • HD Video Exercise Tutorials
  • Weekly Coaching Calls
  • Nutritional Masterclass

Annual Membership

  • All Monthly Membership Features
  • Mobile-Friendly Workout Programs
  • Unlock Annual Training Packages
  • Enter Fitness Challenges
  • Access Full HD Video Exercise Database
  • Close Coach/Client Relationship
  • Bonus: Free Start-Up Nutrition Plan

1-on-1 Virtual Coaching

  • Full Website Access
  • Custom Workout Program
  • Personalized Nutrition Plan
  • Bi-weekly Re-assessments
  • Full 24/7 Access to Coach
  • Organized Custom Annual Plan
  • Contest Prep Package Available
  • VIP Support To Reach Your Goals!

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Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of fitness!
Personal training to help you improve your health and achieve your goals.
Nutritional guides tailored to your food preferences and daily schedule.

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