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Lose 2 inches

from your waistline in

4 weeks

with 30 minute workouts.

reach your goalswith our support


motivation & encouragement

We can better achieve our goals together! I love giving my clients challenges to prioritize health and boost fitness results. Step outside your comfort zone and try new things – it might be just what your body needs to reach that next level.

Believing in yourself and maintaining the confidence to fight for your dreams is an everyday battle. It is easy to let your training take a backseat in life, compromising on the big goals you had set. I want you to keep your bar held high and use a ladder to reach it instead of giving up!

Leaning on others for support is going to open your whole world right up. Having a group of like-minded fitness friends is amazing for accountability and greatly improves your success. You are also more likely to keep up your new healthy habits if you surround yourself with motivated and inspiring people who share your values.


fitness community

Everyone loves the convenience of the online world, and I am thrilled that I have been able to deliver fitness to you digitally! But something is missing when you aren’t in a class setting; the accountability of the friends you see and the motivation of a trainer keeping tabs on you. I have found that getting clients together to start their fitness journey as a group leads to greater success! Taking part in the challenges will help you take your fitness to the next level with support from others who are chasing their own goals.

Live Coaching Calls

Log onto the regular live coaching calls to ask questions or get motivated by your trainer! Coach Julie can provide insight into your destructive habits and help you overcome those obstacles to make a true, lasting lifestyle change.

Fresh Workouts

Never get bored of your fitness routine! Not only will you have a plan and learn new training styles, but changing up your program regularly with different exercises is a fantastic way to break through plateaus and improve results.

Shock Your System

Boost your energy with a clean eating cleanse and give purpose to your workouts! It’s fun to train with a short term goal in mind and have others on the adventure with you. The extra focus you get is the key to success.


fitness challenges

Don’t want to wait? You can try some of the past fitness challenges below! Please return to the post to comment – feedback is always welcomed and appreciated.


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