Pro Workout Gloves (Unisex)

Pro Workout Gloves (Unisex)


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Pro Workout Gloves

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This item is of the highest quality and everyone should be wearing gloves when exercising. There are so many fantastic reasons to wear gloves when working out!

The Julie Germaine Pro Workout Glove will protect your hands from tears and blisters. You can expect to increase your pull strength thanks to the special grips that will prevent slipping and increase dexterity. These gloves are extremely comfortable and versatile, recommended for weight-lifting, cross-training, spinning, outdoor bicycling, and more!




Instantly pump up your workout with Coach Julie Germaine’s brand new Weight Lifting Gloves! 

There are so many good reasons to wear gloves when working out. If you are weight training, the grips on dumbbell and barbell handles will start the formation of blisters after your first workout. This is not a good look – soft hands are beautiful on both men and women and someone who exercises to take care of their body should also want to protect their hands from wear and tear. Your post-workout pain should be in your muscles, not the skin on your palms!

The fabric on a good quality set of exercise gloves will actually help you lift heavier! The grips in a properly-fitted pair of workout gloves helps you maintain good control of the weight when training, especially during pull days, such as with deadlifts and rows. Wearing gloves will prevent slipping during exercises like hanging leg raises or chin-ups.

The material on these gloves is tough and durable – it won’t fall apart after a month of regular use, guaranteed! I have actually spent $50 on fashionable gloves that literally fell apart after only 3 weeks, and that was just standard weight-training. Trust me, I tried out many different designs before choosing to offer these pairs to my clients.

These gloves are also fantastic for use during spin class or bike riding outdoors. When the weather turns cold, layer it over cotton gloves and extend your outdoor cardio season!

Shredded abs are Sexy. Shredded Hands… not so much.

Available Sizes for Men and Women:
(Measure Hand Circumference)
S: 6.7 – 7 inches
M: 7 – 7.7 inches
L: 7.7 – 8.5 inches

*Limited quantities available!

If you are interested in purchasing Julie Germaine Workout Gloves in bulk or for resale, please email me

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Grey Camo, Red Lined, Blue Lined

2 reviews for Pro Workout Gloves (Unisex)

  1. Amanda

    These gloves are heavy-duty! I bought a pair for myself and my husband when Julie had the 50% off sale. I like the band around the wrist, which feels supportive during my heaviest sets. She had to convince me to start wearing gloves, in fact. I already have blisters on my hands and wish I had begun weight training using gloves. The padding feels good on upper body lifts and I have better control of the dumbbells.

    Thank you, Julie

  2. Vern Mills

    I ordered a pair of Julie’s gloves because my leather pair was perpetually damp with my workouts.
    Her gloves fit properly (“like a glove”- hard to get on and off but less of and effort than most gloves due to strategic placement of elastic in the cuffs. Additionally they dry completely overnight (solved my damp glove problem).
    They sport appropriately placed leather for a sure grip. Another nice feature are pull gips on the fingers or ease of removal. All-in-all a quality glove.

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