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Create your own
Customized Nutrition Plan
in 2 Easy Steps!

This nutrition masterclass will take you through the process Coach Julie uses when creating a custom diet program for her clients. Enjoy learning in detail how and why your diet is structured with specific macronutrient and micronutrient goals or just skip ahead to the good part and plug in your personal details to begin a diet that suits your goals instantly.

Everything you need to be successful in losing weight, gaining muscle and maintaining your healthy body is provided in five easy-to-understand lessons. You will:

  • set realistic goals
  • learn how to assess your body’s caloric needs
  • develop a healthy meal plan based on your #1 fitness priority
  • grocery shop like a Pro!
  • plan your weekly meals without stress
  • create healthy habits
  • dine out and travel without falling off your diet
  • learn how alcohol fits into the equation
  • break through training plateaus
  • never rebound and regain all your weight again!

Program includes many healthy recipes for conventional eating, vegetarian and vegan! Cookbook and loads of protein shakes recipes also included.

Nutrition | Eating For Your Goals

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