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I work with my clients to achieve
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Achieve Your Goals
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When you take on too much, you set yourself up for failure. Instead, improve your health longterm with my structured program that emphasizes sleep, mindset coaching, wholesome nutrition, targeted training customized for your body type, and more!


For your hormonal health

Easily enjoy better results.


Complete 8-page guide to setting realistic goals

Achieve every target!

Body Sculpting Workouts

12 weeks of workouts customized to your body type

For Home or Gym

Detailed Guide

85 pages answering all your holistic health questions

Articles, workbooks, and more!

10,000+ Transformations

Happy men and women from all around the world have worked with me to achieve fitness goals

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2x International Pro Fitness Champion

A lifetime dedicated to fitness

Delicious meals your whole family will enjoy

Enjoy feeling more energetic, having better focus, and looking forward to your healthy meals every day – all while achieving and maintaining a fit body. I’m always adding to the recipes for my programs so you’ll never get bored.


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1st Steps are Important


The time you put into planning always pays off. I’ve created a step-by-step workbook to help you realize your goals, determine timelines, set benchmarks, and more – all to ensure you meet every target and feel great about your progress.

2nd Action Steps

Getting Sweaty

You don’t have to dedicate hours to exercise to achieve fitness results. My program has streamlined your home or gym workouts to effectively develop lean muscle and reduce excessive body fat. You are guided to choose your body type and follow workouts customized for you to create symmetry and correct imbalances.

3rd Easy to Follow Meal Plan

Recipes, Tips, & Motivation

You’ll love your guidebook! Print the recipes or access them easily online and enjoy loads of options so you never have to eat the same thing every day again. Guidance on macronutrient and caloric intake included so you understand what’s working and can keep at it!

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Working with Julie has been a phenomenal experience. I have worked with other trainers in the past but Julie has been by far the best. The attention to detail is amazing and Julie truly cares about your success. She is extremely approachable, professional, super quick to respond to your communications and regularly scheduled check-ins.
I absolutely love the nutrition part of the plan. I find these meals easy to stick with and offer great flexibility to improvise or switch meals around or certain ingredients, proteins etc. while still achieving unparalleled results.
My only regret is not working with Julie sooner. To date, I have achieved significant results in two months working with Julie; that previously have taken me between 4-6 months when I worked with other trainers in the past.

Sage Joyce – Julie Germaine Success Story


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Achieve Your Goals
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Don’t let your past experiences keep you from believing that your goals are possible. With the right approach, every obstacle can be overcome. We’ve got this!

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