Fat-Burning Booty Workout

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Fat-Burning Booty Workout By Fitness Expert Julie Germaine 30 Minute Fat-Blasting Booty Workout If your goal is to lose body fat sustainably, you’ll need to adhere to a healthy diet full of nutritious foods and push yourself to train harder during consistent workouts. Here is a fitness program that is going to help you [...]

BBB Physique Sculpting Fitness Program

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Shape Your Butt, Overall Muscle-Building, Body Shaping | Glutes (12 months, 3-6 day splits, 30-60 mins) • Home or Gym Workouts, No Equipment Required Workout Options • Shaping/Firming/Muscle Development/Fatloss | This healthy online fitness program will help you build muscle to strengthen your body with my support! Enjoy a YEAR [...]

Oxygen Workout Series!

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Check me out in all month in Oxygen Magazine! I was chosen to example the exercises for a 4 part series of workouts written by my good friend Obi Obadike, who has just co-authored a book with actor Morris Chestnut called The Cut (available in stores now!). Celebrity trainer and [...]