VIP 30 Day Fat Loss Challenge

VIP 30 Day Fat Loss Challenge

(34 customer reviews)

Julie Germaine is a NFLA Certified Fitness Expert & Prenatal Trainer, and a NASM Certified Nutrition Specialist. She is also a world-class fitness champion who has been featured in and contributed to numerous fitness magazines. She published her first book, “The 90-Day Weight Training Plan,” in fall 2020.

Her passion for bodybuilding began early, when she self-educated to start lifting at age 17. Today, her mission is helping men and women around the world lose belly fat easily with just 30 minute gym or home workouts!


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Looking to Drop 2 inches from your waistline
in 4 weeks with just 30 minute workouts?

Get fantastic results with 3 Months of Bespoke Fitness & Nutrition Programs by Coach Julie Germaine tailored to your individual needs.

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“I love working with clients via individualized programs. This popular service includes frequent reassessments to chart your progress, customized workout programs, nutrition plan and full access to me with questions. You can count on my support 100% during your fitness transformation!” – Coach Julie


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34 reviews for VIP 30 Day Fat Loss Challenge

  1. Josh

    My first time using an online personal trainer and I had a great experience. It took time for Julie to convince me to start up, but after gaining weight during covid I needed help. Thanks again. You can expect me to rejoin in January after the holidays have passed!

  2. Joelle Collette

    Omg Julie’s workouts are so fun! Everyday I’m excited to train with her program! I’m only 5 days in and lost 4lbs! I’m excited to see what this year of working with Julie will do to my body!
    I definitely recommend Julie to anyone who is wanting to have a coach to help with their physique and for accountability. Julie rocks!!

  3. Justin S

    Only one word to describe Julie and her programs, AWESOME!! I am living proof that her programs work, I lost 49 pounds on her program. The diet plan is just as Awesome! I am no youngster but I lost the unwanted weight I wanted to lose and more. Julie is a phenomenal coach, not only is she patient and willing to listen but also encourages you and lets you know your not alone in your life changing goals. I highly recommend Julie to anyone that’s ready for a positive change in their lives. Don’t wait! sign up now! I promise, you wont regret it on bit. The Best Decision I made.

  4. George Kontaxis

    Julie is one of the top trainers, competitors and models in the fitness industry and in this book she shares her expertise and in depth knowledge on training and nutrition in a way that is easily understandable and informative. {This program} is filled with valuable information that can help anyone who is looking to improve their physical health.

  5. Edith LaBelle

    Julie is so knowledgeable in health and fitness! Years ago she helped me prepare for my very first fitness competition. I was amazed at the results she helped me achieve in as little as 2 months and I got second place in a big regional competition.

  6. Terry Frendo

    Julie Germaine creates an excellent, efficient, and adaptable approach to fitness that can be accessible to those of any skill level―even those beginners who are looking for a place to start.

  7. Paul Bodnarchuk, PSC Corporate executive

    If you are new to fitness or experienced and need to change your program, I recommend this book for you. Julie has made it easy and achievable for anyone at any level to reach your goals!

  8. Hilary Cunning

    Julie is such a ray of light! I did personal training with Julie and she is amazing! I learned so much from her and her positivity keeps you so motivated!

  9. Maria

    Thank you so much for your words of encouragement! Thank you for checking in and caring!

  10. Adam Stephenson

    I am please to say that I’ve lost 6.5kg since the beginning of February (in 4 weeks!) by eating less and following your workout plans only twice a week in the gym at work.

  11. Jason Murphy

    Julie is professional and great at what she does.

  12. Grace

    I can’t tell you how much your messages mean to me! Julie, you’re such a beautiful person and a wonderful coach. I’ve felt so supported through of all this, without any added pressure. I called my mom and said how amazing you are! I feel so motivated by you. I told her that signing up with you was the best decision I’ve made, so thank you!

  13. Hannah

    Thank you! You’re an amazing motivator!

  14. Amanda

    I needed this so much! I feel prepped and ready for results this week. I am holding myself accountable on this journey. THANK YOU!

  15. Stan

    Thank you for all your healthy tips. I am going to incorporate all of them into my plan and am awe-struck with how quickly I am losing my chubby gut!

  16. Vera

    I enjoy all the daily videos! I find them very motivating. Thank you for all the work you have put into it!

    Thank you again for the challenge.

  17. Janice Blackstock

    Julie was a pleasure to work with as a personal trainer. Very personable and flexible in the workout we did together. Especially, with my ongoing injuries unrelated to training. She always had me in a sweat and always keeps the workout interesting.

  18. Chris Roth

    Julie has been a great trainer, nutritionist, and inspiration to me. I have had my best fat loss results by following Julie’s diet and workout recommendations. Anyone who is looking for an all-round great trainer, I would highly recommend having Julie Germaine be your guide to body health success! FIVE STARS!!!!!!!!

  19. Erin Nash

    This is the fittest I’ve ever felt and I’m so excited to continue on my fitness journey! Thank you Julie!

  20. Sarah Georgiou

    I had great results working with Julie!!!! High recommended!

  21. Pat Ness

    It’s clear that Julie is very passionate about helping people make a change in their life. She’s always full of good vibes and energy. I look forward to watching her business evolve.

  22. Courtney

    Hey! My eating and workouts are great this week!!!! I have my energy back! Thank you!!!! It is important to me to be accountable. You’re the best girl!!!!

    • Julie Germaine

      Thanks, Courtney! You are very dedicated!!!

  23. Aniela

    Julie provides work outs and meal plans that are flexible for anyone to follow. She is professional and keeps you accountable!

    • Julie Germaine

      Thank you for your feedback, Aniela! It was a pleasure to help you and I know you’ll continue to embrace your healthy lifestyle! Reach out with any questions or for help – I’m here for you!

  24. Amanda

    I love my results ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it’s only been a few days on my program! Down 3 lbs and an inch on my waist what?? that’s amazing!

    Love the daily videos from Julie and the Zoom meetings to stay motivated

  25. Jason

    Thanks for all you do for us, coach!!!!!!! You are an awesome human!

  26. Suzanne Scherban

    I love love the at home workouts! Inspired everyday to get it done! Lots of variety! The food/diet plan is super easy to follow and I feel so much stronger and healthier! Julie is knowledgeable and always checking if I have questions and she answers them almost right away! After 4weeks I lost 2.5 inches on my waist and after 5 weeks I’m down 7 pounds!best decision I made for myself in a long time! 5 ⭐️ program!

    • Julie Germaine

      Thank you for this amazing comment, Suzanne! You’re a 5 Star client!!

  27. Skie

    Julie has been amazing to work with and I’m so happy that I reached out to start the program with her. I’ve changed the way that I was eating and am much more active and can’t wait to see what the future holds! She’s always there to answer any questions I have. She’s a wonderful and dedicated coach!

    • Julie Germaine

      Thanks Skie!!! You made my day, girl!!

  28. MariaSaxby

    This is my first time using a virtual trainer.
    As a current client I have not been disappointed.
    Julie truly cares about her clients and takes the time and effort to make sure you get results.
    Her website is extremely helpful, with meal and work out plans and more! My favourite is the video demonstrations for each work out and the healthy recipes.
    I thoroughly love working with Julie and recommend her to anyone who is serious about their fitness goals.

    • Julie Germaine

      Hi Maria! Thanks so much for taking the time to post this amazing review!! I very much appreciate it!

  29. KarieMerritt

    Julie is an amazing coach! Her program is well defined, and so easy to follow. I could not believe how quickly my body fat melted off. Her program is very sustainable and you don’t feel deprived. She responds very promptly to questions, which is so nice to receive that level of support.
    I would highly recommend Julie to anyone looking for help in achieving their fitness goals.

    • Julie Germaine

      Thanks so much for this great feedback, Karie!

  30. Anastasia O’Brien

    Julie was an awesome coach. I lost 24 lb and 6 1/2 in 4 months. Her easy to follow meal plan, recipes, and workout routines were manageable and effective. She offered so much helpful information on her website as well as bi-weekly calls to check in and keep me on track. If you’re looking to make a change and just need a positive push in the right direction I would definitely try her out!

  31. Joseph Alden

    Julie is an amazing coach and mentor. She is attentive to each client’s individual needs and is always available for guidance and mentorship. This world needs more people like Julie!!!

    • Julie Germaine

      Thanks for this wonderful recommendation! It means a lot to hear from my members – I put so much love into my programs and care very much to know it’s making a difference :)

  32. Doug Campbell

    Julie is an amazing coach.. She’s always been willing to talk to me about training training and diet and anything else I happen to need

    • Julie Germaine

      Thanks for this wonderful comment, Doug! I appreciate your taking the time to come share your experience working with me as your online fitness expert and nutrition coach! You’re doing amazing, too!

      Coach Julie

  33. Marcia

    I was looking for a program that would lead to results but was also sustainable. Julie’s approach to meal planning is easy and able to be maintained. Her daily short videos provide that extra bit of motivation, and the bi-weekly assessments provide the accountability. Worth every penny!

  34. Mary Ponchon

    I was hemming and hawing with my fitness journey before, Julie put me on the right track with the resistance exercises and diet tips. I feel great, feel more toned, have lost some inches and am more motivated now to go forward with it as I am sleeping better and feeling better.
    The check-ins and calls from Julie keep me more mindful of what I am trying o do so the support is awesome, just what I needed

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