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Over a decade in the fitness industry has provided Coach Julie Germaine with valuable experience. This fitness cover model has been featured in hundreds of magazines and worked with many multinational corporate sponsors. Julie has and continues to successfully help thousands of clients lose weight and keep it off using her methods. Since 2005, she has been devoted to changing lives through incredible weight loss transformations. A crowned 2x International Pro Champion herself, Julie once specialized in physique consulting for bikini & fitness models, providing contest prep internationally to hundreds of winning amateur & pro athletes. Now, Julie has begun her own family and became pre & postnatal certified to help women enjoy healthy, active pregnancies. Learn more about Julie's online training programs and subscribe to her emails for fitness tips that are suited to your unique goals.

Exercise for a Stress-Free Life

By |2023-09-02T06:22:55-05:00September 25th, 2023|Exercise, Guest Blogs|

Read The Article Life is back to a bustling pace (which is something to celebrate!) however it’s easy to take on too much and end up stressed out. Burn-out is a concern not only for your mental health and financial well-being, but high stress levels can cause problems physically as well. The best place to [...]

QUIZ! What Protein is Right For You?

By |2023-09-02T06:14:58-05:00September 18th, 2023|Guest Blogs, Supplements|

Any fitness buff will be quick to offer you this reliable tip – Be sure you eat enough protein! Sound advice. Of course, if you’re like most of us, you have a busy schedule that doesn’t allow for complicated food prep for every meal of the day, which can make it tough to consume the [...]

Why is Isolate Protein more Expensive?

By |2023-09-02T06:02:36-05:00September 11th, 2023|Guest Blogs, Supplements|

  If you want to be healthier and get amazing results from your fitness program, you are smart to incorporate whey protein into your diet. The question then becomes, should you choose to use whey protein or whey protein isolate? The protein content of each option is virtually the same per serving. This can vary [...]

Take Control of Your Cortisol Levels

By |2023-09-02T05:36:03-05:00September 2nd, 2023|Guest Blogs|

Take Control of Your Cortisol Levels Poor cortisol (the stress hormone) gets a bad rap, but the truth is that it is an essential hormone that affects each organ and tissue in the human body. While it can be problematic and lead to increased belly fat when unbalanced, we WANT and need cortisol in healthy [...]

Boost Your Sex Life!

By |2023-09-02T05:22:07-05:00September 2nd, 2023|Guest Blogs, Nutrition|

      While we all accept that regular physical activity is good for you, staying motivated to create and maintain that active lifestyle is tricky. You probably know you’ll have more energy, feel better, decrease your risk of developing cardiovascular disease, and even enjoy clearer skin by getting fit, but have you pondered all [...]

What’s The Right Amount of Water?

By |2023-04-26T08:31:21-05:00April 26th, 2023|Guest Blogs, Nutrition|

      Did you know that your body is 60% water? Maintaining normal water levels is super important when it comes to regulating body temperature, treating or preventing infections, transporting nutrients to the cells, easing joint pain through via adequate lubrication, and even helping your organs function at their best! Additionally, you will experience [...]

Boost Your Protein with these Great recipes!

By |2023-04-26T08:23:52-05:00April 26th, 2023|Guest Blogs, Nutrition, Recipes|

      I hope that your 2023 fitness goals are coming together perfectly! By now, if you’re like me, your ‘old favs’ when it comes to healthy meals can sometimes start to get old… time to try something new to keep your motivation high and your results fantastic! Check out this article I wrote [...]

Vitamin D Rich Foods for Winter Months

By |2023-01-21T14:53:56-06:00February 27th, 2023|Diet Advice, Health, Nutrition|

Did you know that your body creates vitamin D from direct sunlight on your skin when exposed outdoors? That means that from about late May to the end of September, most of us should be able to get all the vitamin D necessary from sunlight. However, those who live in climates with long winters can be left [...]

5 Ways to Naturally Strengthen Your Immune System

By |2023-01-21T14:48:29-06:00February 21st, 2023|Diet Advice, Health, Supplements|

5 Ways to Naturally Strengthen Your Immune System By Health Expert Julie Germaine I’ve often been asked by my clients, “How can I strengthen my immune system naturally?” This is an excellent question in today’s climate, and one directly related to your physical health and food choices. To enjoy a strong immune system, it is [...]

No Motivation? 5 Proven Ways to Overcome Lack of Motivation

By |2023-01-21T14:56:08-06:00February 12th, 2023|Motivation, Success Tips|

Here we are, in a fresh year, halfway through February already… have you stuck to your New Year Resolution to be healthier in 2023? Or perhaps you’re lacking the motivation to even have set new goals for yourself? Every single one of us has moments where we feel like relaxing on the couch during downtime, [...]