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Custom Fitness Consulting Programs also available, please read on.

100s of Unique Exercises

Workout Anywhere! Training programs are available for gym, home, or even travelling with no equipment!


Expert athletic techniques collected over a lifetime.
Masterclasses and fitness programs designed to support your individual goals.
Nutritional guidance that makes simple sense of eating healthy.

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sarahgeorgiou “I got such great results working with Julie!!! Highly recommended!”
– Sarah Georgiou

post2 “I felt so motivated and confident thanks to Julie’s coaching and empowerment! This is the fittest I’ve ever felt and I’m so excited to continue on my fitness journey. Thank you Julie!”
– Erin Nash

post2 “Julie is sweet, accommodating, knowledgeable, and easy to reach. I recommend her to anyone with a goal in their fitness journey.”
– Stacey Lynn

post2 “Training with Julie has been a great experience! She is such a sweet person and makes me comfortable and confident while working together.”
– Sierra Dawn

post2 “As a world champion, she definitely knows what she is doing. You can’t go wrong here.”
– Dana Archer

post2 “I’ve been following Julie for a couple years when she competed. I was drawn to her by her determination to win! It shows how passionate she is to the sport and for fitness. I definitely trust her as my coach. As a new mom, it’s now even more inspiring and she even takes the time to reply to messages. That shows she cares!”
– Marilyn Latulippe

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Hundreds of workouts you can do in your home gym! Choose to follow a weekly fitness program organized into training splits or simply pick the body part you want to train today! Print out the workout or view online.

Click through the mobile-friendly weight training programs and learn from Coach Julie via high definition video exercise tutorials for every movement. Easy to use, complete membership area!

Download annual fitness programs that fit your goals, including diet advice. Exercise anywhere from 2 to 6 times per week – you set your schedule! Print your workout or add to your favs for quick online access!

Allow Coach Julie to lay out your full year for the best fitness results! Membership programs take you through five training phases: foundations, build, cut, strength and maintenance, to transform your body month by month and avoid hitting plateaus in your progress.

Enjoy step by step instruction from Coach Julie, including weekly membership meetings to chat directly and get to know one another! Your personal questions will be answered and support on your fitness journey is guaranteed.

Fitness masterclasses by industry experts have been created to teach you all the Pro secrets and help you embrace your fit lifestyle! You will love the carefully thought out health & fitness tutorials and appreciate the new content added regularly.

Fitness challenges make getting in great shape fun and give you that much needed motivation! Try new training styles and dieting techniques to figure out what works best for your body type. Coach Julie’s 5 week mens fitness and womens fitness challenges are popular!

Workout program options for beginners, intermediate and advanced exercisers! Coach Julie always adds to her exercise tutorial database to bring you new ideas for exercising at home, in a gym or even with no equipment!

Support and education on personal development in other areas of your life will help you keep a positive mindset, a key element of longterm success! Surrounding yourself with like-minded, healthy individuals has a real effect on your own attitude.

“ The last three or four reps is what makes the muscle grow. This area of pain divides the champion from someone else who is not a champion. That’s what most people lack, having the guts to go on and just say they’ll go through the pain no matter what happens. ”



Experienced Personal Trainer / Health Coach
Coach Julie has been an enthusiastic personal trainer since 2005, coaching thousands of clients to achieve better health. Her members span from new mothers learning to find balance to those wanting to lose weight to top athletes competing at international levels.
2x Pro Fitness Champion / Published Expert
Julie Germaine’s competitive fitness model career spans over a decade, earning her 2 Pro Championship wins & many podium finishes. She contributed to and was featured in hundreds of health magazines as a fitness expert, including as cover model.
Fit Mom / Certified Prenatal Physical Activity
As a mother, Julie can relate to the challenge of finding time for fitness! She adores spending time with her daughter & values being a healthy role model for her. Coach Julie is certified in prenatal/postpartum fitness and proudly shares her pregnancy weight loss success.


This fitness membership site offers many different, highly educational programs to suit the individual needs of Coach Julie’s clients. Currently there are weightloss programs for men and women and targeted body-shaping plans, both which offer two workout series options: one for beginners who train in their simple home gym and another for more experienced exercisers who have a gym pass. Some clients will want to focus on building upper body muscularity with the Upper Body Bulk program while women may opt to use one of the glute-building training series, such as Best Butt Builder, to name just two of the many excellent options available. You can sign up to Julie Germaine Fitness at your current fitness level and trust that you will safely be guided to better health.

Julie Germaine Fitness has a workout-only section, called Sweat With Julie, which is a simplified version of the website, designed to mobile-friendly for a great user experience!

Julie is always available to answer your questions and provides links throughout the website to submit them. She welcomes direct emails, encourages clients to leave comments on posts within the members area and will respond to each one. She also organizes live Q&As every week and offers video playback if you miss it.

The nutrition plans offered are customizable to suit your preferences, within reason. Julie helps you understand why you are eating certain types of foods when, so you are motivated to make good choices. You can also order a custom nutrition plan or reach out to Coach Julie to help you adjust your diet.

Absolutely, this program is vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Many of Julie Germaine’s clients have enjoyed amazing physique transformations. You can expect to see and feel a difference in your body after the first week when making a big change! If weight loss is your goal, losing 1 to 2 lbs a week is realistic. Building muscle takes more time, so Coach Julie recommends doing assessments every two to four weeks to chart progress. She loves when her members share their results with her, especially since this gives trainer and client a chance to evaluate, adjust the plan and keep motivation strong!

Yes, Julie Germaine Fitness offers programs for men and women. Many of Coach Julie’s workout plans are co-ed, but she also provides programs geared toward specific goals, such as building upper body or sculpting glutes. Additionally, you can take fitness masterclasses specifically designed for either men or women.

Custom nutrition plans and/or custom workout plans can be purchased from Julie Germaine. All members are able to ask personalized questions to Coach Julie via the weekly Q&A or through email at any time.

The Sweat With Julie section of this website offers workouts for home or for the gym. If you do not have a lot of equipment, don’t worry! There are options that use bodyweight only or resistance bands, which are affordable to purchase and easy to use. Every movement comes along with a high definition video exercise tutorial so you can quickly learn the workouts and safely train with proper form.

Absolutely not! Coach Julie loves introduces people to weight training, so beginners are certainly welcomed and will find everything they need, however this health membership website also offers fitness programs that are effective and challenging for intermediate exercisers and advanced athletes. Multiple fitness masterclasses are created to help you as your fitness level improves.

Bulking programs, aka those with the goal of building muscle to shape and firm your physique, do not have to leave you with more bodyfat. Coach Julie prefers to teach her clients lean bulking techniques.

Yes, fitness competitors can reach out to discuss contest preparation programs, including online posing coaching and stage presentation classes.

You get out what you put in! Any increase in your physical activity is going to benefit your body in amazing ways, so be proud of yourself for every effort. Julie encourages her members to exercise a minimum of 3 to 4 days per week, but has programs for clients who train less frequently. There are also programs for fitness enthusiasts who like to sweat every day. You have to start at your own pace and continue to listen to your body, resting when needed to avoid injury, but also pushing things up a notch when you feel you are no longer challenged.

Believe in yourself and your ability! Julie Germaine Fitness membership has a program that you CAN do, and others that you can aspire to as your health and fitness improve. You will enjoy support from an experienced and motivated personal trainer every day, who will keep you positive and on track. It’s important to know that Coach Julie’s annual fitness programs take into account the typically ‘busy’ months, like summertime or December’s holidays, and the workouts and diet change to allow for more relaxation during that time. The training routines either are shorter and more intense, or can done outside in some cases, and the nutritional guideline pushes you into either a maintenance or muscle-building mode, assuming the increase in food calories and using them beneficially.

The #1 goal with this online personal training service is to help you be successful in reaching your fitness goals! Overcoming obstacles is part of every fitness journey and we have loads of experience to guide you.


Monthly Membership

  • Full Website Access
  • Mobile-Friendly Workout Programs
  • Download Annual Training Packages
  • Fitness Masterclasses
  • HD Video Exercise Tutorials
  • Weekly Coaching Calls
  • Nutritional Masterclass

Annual Membership

  • All Monthly Membership Features
  • Mobile-Friendly Workout Programs
  • Unlock Annual Training Packages
  • Enter Fitness Challenges
  • Access Full HD Video Exercise Database
  • Close Coach/Client Relationship
  • Bonus: Free Start-Up Nutrition Plan

1-on-1 Virtual Coaching

  • Full Website Access
  • Custom Workout Program
  • Personalized Nutrition Plan
  • Bi-weekly Re-assessments
  • Full 24/7 Access to Coach
  • Organized Custom Annual Plan
  • Contest Prep Package Available
  • VIP Support To Reach Your Goals!


All Programs Shown (& Many More!) Are Available In One Amazing Membership!

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of fitness!
Personal training to help you improve your health and achieve your goals.
Nutritional guides tailored to your food preferences and daily schedule.