I hope that everyone is staying safe & healthy, practicing social distancing and quarantine to stop the spread of covid-19 virus. This is very serious and scary! My 19 month old daughter and I are doing our best to keep a routine at home, and this includes a daily workout together, like this one! I play with her and try to keep busy, fitting in exercises where I can, and stopping to breastfeed her when she needs it! I love that she nursed today while we were working out together. I love our special breastfeeding relationship and feel great that I am able to comfort and nourish her during this crazy time in the world. Other than our workouts, breastfeeding Amelia is the only other time I truly feel calm and stop worrying. This is when I am able to just enjoy holding her and being together.

Do you have questions for me to help you find a way to be active at home during this quarantine? I am here for you! We all have to support each other.