3rd Trimester Stretches from Standing Position

It is extremely common for expecting mothers to experience hip, back and neck pain, particularly in their 3rd trimester. Many of my pregnant clients find these stretches help ease some of their discomfort, often allowing them to continue training. However, in the final months of gestation, be kind to yourself! Accept that you have to slow down and take special care of your constantly adapting body. If you find that workouts are not possible, don’t fret! You will have plenty of time to get back to your usual routine once your newborn adjusts to the world.

These pregnancy-safe stretches are all done from a standing position! I do have more suggestions if you have specific questions, please reach out julie@juliegermaine.fit

  1. Cold muscles are not good to stretch! Be sure to do a light warm up of high knee marches, a short walk or even have a hot shower or bath to loosen your body up before attempting these movements.
  2. Don’t bounce! Hold each stretch for 20-60 seconds, easing yourself deeper into the movement for a comfortable ‘pull’ in the muscle.
  3. If you feel pain, you’re stretching too far.
  4. Don’t overdue it! Your body is excreting relaxin, and this hormone may increase overall flexibility. This could put you at risk to over-stretch and pull a muscle. Not good! Be cautious and stretch safely.

Upright Pregnancy Stretches:

Hip Stretch

Hip/Glute Stretch

Calf/Hamstring Stretch

Back/Shoulder Stretch

Chest/Shoulder Stretch

Back/Posterior Delt Stretch

Neck/Back Stretch

Rotator Cuff Stretches

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Please email me for more information: info@juliegermaine.com

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