Beginner Kettlebell Workout

Training with kettlebells is a great way to challenge your whole body using movements that aren’t safe with dumbbells, thanks to the unique handle design. With the current worldwide pandemic still on-going, many of my clients have chosen to continue to train at home, using the fitness equipment they were able to procure (it was very interesting to see what everyone was able to get their hands on when stores were selling out!) so I’ve been finding creative ways to exercise with very little equipment – you can actually do these workouts with only one single kettlebell! In fact, this blog is actually directed at someone who is in this situation, whom I wanted to help.

Below are 15 kettlebell exercises you can do in your home for a great full body workout! You’ll see five videos with three movements in each video. You can do one set of every exercise for a giant workout, or use each video exercise tutorials to coach you during five shorter workouts, completing three to five sets of each of the 3 exercises. Your repetitions (the number of times you do the movement before resting) are ten to fifteen times. If your kettlebell is lightweight and this feels easy, increase the rep range to twenty to thirty.

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