The Best Bedtime Snacks To Avoid Spiking Your Blood Sugar

By Fitness Expert Julie Germaine for Kaizen Naturals

You had an epic workout, sweating right through your t-shirt, and proudly followed it up with a fat-burning post-workout cardio sessionHIIT Workout: Challenge Yourself This Week!. Amazing! All day you’ve been on point with your diet, resisting temptations and chugging that H20. Don’t ruin your efforts before bed – stick the landing by choosing a bedtime snack that won’t spike your blood sugar levels.

Why is your blood sugar level important for muscle development and fat loss? When your body runs out of food for energy, the absence of dietary glucose prompts insulin levels to drop. The body then starts using stored glycogen for its functions, eventually leading to burning fat.

To further motivate you to heed this advice, if high blood glucose levels are found, the body ability to perform protein synthesis is reduced. What it all means is this – without the right foods, you will miss out on both fat reduction during sleep, and muscle growth! Now I know I have your full attention.

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