Here’s an assortment of the most inspiring viral videos to get you up whatever hill you need to climb to reach your fitness goals this week!

You know it had to be this way. LaBeouf’s green-screen moment, which was simply him yelling a variety of phrases, was taped for a student art project. And look, just because it’s spawned its own cottage industry of parodies and rip-offs, doesn’t mean it’s any less effective. Take one of these and call us in the morning.

Awwww! Otto’s grin makes me so happy! Check out his huge smile at 47 seconds into this video! Now you can’t tell me you’re not suddenly excited to go out there and make your dreams come true.

And c’mon… you understand why I chose this one! Double meaning! Work hard for your epic cheat meal and never give up on getting what you want! Ta da – the pizza rat, who captivated an entire nation while attempting to bring home a meal the size of his entire body.

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