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Welcome to my new website! I’m so glad you found me. As you may have guessed, / has dissolved. I am happy to offer consulting services and online personal training like the past clients from contest prep are used to via my new website,

Learn more about my online programs here! If you want custom programs, please email me at and focused originally on competitive clients, however my priority is everyday individuals who want to take their physique to the next level, lose weight and build muscle with support from a fitness expert. I love teaching my clients how to eat and train for their goals. You can expect fast results that are lasting.

I’m also excited to offer pre and post-natal advice! Having had my first baby in August 2018, I now have first-hand experience of the challenges to exercise during pregnancy and became certified to work with pregnant and new mothers! I welcome personal training clients who are trying to conceive so they set themselves up for a healthy pregnancy and a fit pregnancy!

Please email me with questions about my services at or go ahead and sign up for my program! As mentioned, I offer customized workouts and nutrition plans with online assessments – or you can purchase one of my ebooks or online training systems.

Former / Owner

A lifetime devoted to fitness

About Coach Julie

Since 2006, Julie Germaine has been a fitness expert and winning competitive athlete.

Julie has supported thousands in achieving incredible weight loss transformations through her online influence and former business, /, and now via her website She continues to be inspired by the way her clients’ lives are improved far past their appearance when they embrace an active routine. Julie is down-to-earth and passionate about health. She realizes everyone’s motivation is different and strives to push her clients to be successful toward their own individual goals.

This cover model is proud to be ranked as a top fitness professional for the past decade. Julie has won 2 international championships and repeated placed 1st and 2nd runner-up at the World Beauty Fitness & Fashion Championships!

Julie’s mission is to help everyday people reach their fitness goals and maintain happy, balanced lifestyles.

She welcomed her first child in August 2018 and, along with body transformations, she now specializes in pre- and post-natal fitness. Julie is eager to support new moms in staying active during their pregnancies.

Image: Noel Daganta Photography

“Julie is such a ray of light! I did personal training with Julie and she is amazing. I learned so much from her and her positivity keeps you going.”


“I started I was 245 lbs and down to 235 now. But to tell you the truth. I’m not super concerned about the numbers rather than how I look.”


“Julie is an energetic person, who motivates you and pushes you to your limits. Amazing person to work with!”



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