My birthday just passed!! (Keep reading for my gift to YOU.)

Happy birthday to me! Rather than this just being completely self-indulgent, I do have a few other reasons for sharing this ‘news’.

Milestones like birthdays can be a great motivation when it comes to health goals. I currently have a client wanting to be in the best shape of her life for her 40th birthday this December, another who is using the short-term goal of his niece’s wedding this August as a way to lose five pounds, and another whose husband treated her to one-on-one personal training when she turned thirty to navigate mom life without sacrificing her active lifestyle.

Having short-term goals is crucial if you want to push yourself to achieve a difficult task, like getting into better shape. There are endless benefits to maintaining a healthy weight, including increased energy, decreased feelings of depression, heart health, and anti-aging qualities, but if that doesn’t convince you to get up and start moving, incentives must be created.

Treating yourself to a new dress for a party will encourage you to stick to your exercise routine to look your best. The deadline you decide on doesn’t have to be a big event, either! It’s true that vacations are perfect mini-goals to train toward, but a date night at a renowned restaurant would be an excellent reward too. Make the reservation and start working toward it.

The ultimate goal is good health and happiness!

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Coach Julie Germaine Coram is a Manitoba-born fit mom, 2x International Pro Fitness Champion, Miss Fitness Manitoba, Certified Nutrition & Renowned Fitness Expert. She has helped thousands of men and women improve their health since 2005.