You can lose weight without dieting, exercising, and counting calories. By applying simple lifestyle changes, you can naturally speed up your metabolism and create lasting weight management.

Try this 5 tips to begin your journey towards a happier – more energetic and fit – you!

1. Get. More. Sleep.
I would estimate that 80% of people who reach out to me for help in achieving their fitness goals are not getting enough sleep on a regular basis. When you are tired, you lack the motivation to workout and are more likely to make bad choices when it comes to nutrition. By forcing yourself to get some shut-eye instead of extra screen time (be it work or pleasure), you’ll be in a better mood and that alone will go a long way toward achieving your goals. Remember, stress is amplified when you are tired, and stress hormones inhibit weight loss and can encourage fat cells to be created.

2. Start Lifting.
My passion for weight training began early, and this is one of the reasons I can so easily manage my figure. Resistance training builds muscle and helps you burn more calories. You can motivate yourself to get in those sessions by remembering that more muscle means you naturally burn more calories at rest, too! It’s never too late to get started, and I can help you develop an exercise routine at any point in your life, working around your individual obstacles.

3. Boost Your Healthy Fats
This is beyond simple! Less processed foods, more whole foods that are healthy sources of fats, like nuts, seeds, and avocados. Eat these yummy snacks daily!

4. H20 for the Win!
Begin every single day with a large glass of water, and bonus points if you end your day the same way. Staying hydrated reduces food cravings and allows your body to function properly, so you’ll feel great.

5. Protein Every Meal
It’s really not a huge secret that protein is important, but did you know that this is a factor in weight loss, too? Having lean protein with every meal and snack will satisfy your hunger for longer. Think about ways to add chicken, eggs, dairy, legumes, or seafood throughout the day to enjoy the benefits.

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Coach Julie Germaine Coram is a Manitoban fit mom, 2x International Pro Fitness Champion, Miss Fitness Manitoba, Certified Nutrition Coach & Renowned Fitness Expert. She has helped thousands of men and women improve their health since 2005.