Too Much Cardio?

By Fitness Expert Julie Germaine for Kaizen Naturals
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Are you someone who loves cardio? No? Well, then read on, because I’ve got a trick to allow you to cut your fat-burning cardio time in half without sacrificing results – or even eliminate the need for straight cardio completely.

You may have heard that you cannot build muscle while burning body fat. This is not entirely true. If you adopt a fitness program that incorporates cardio intervals, supersets, drop-sets, circuit training, and compound movements, you will consistently raise your heart rate to burn stored fat while challenging your muscles for strength and size development. Yes, you can build muscle while getting leaner.

You should always start your weight lifting workout with 5 minutes on your chosen piece of cardio equipment to warm-up, particularly when hitting the gym during cold seasons.

Your fat-burning resistance training workout can be as short as 30 minutes to see a fantastic body transformation and lose belly fat. This video provides a great full body routine to try!

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