To achieve any goal requires you to take action, and more than likely, to make some changes in your life. This is absolutely true when it comes to health-related objectives, such as weight loss.

Do you know what stage of change you are in? Probably not, since many people are not familiar with this concept. Most of my new clients are in the contemplation, preparation or action stages, which means they are either thinking about improving their fitness level or are actively working out and eating well with their goals in mind. This is excellent! I admire everyone who wants to better themselves and puts a plan together that will help them achieve success.

When you are less than six months into a new exercise routine or diet, you are particularly vulnerable to barriers and setbacks. For this reason, continuous monitoring, support, and encouragement is important. Clearly defining your motivations and having rewards for positive efforts will increase your likelihood of sticking with it.

My Nutrition Masterclass, part of my extensive JG Fit Membership content, takes you through the steps required to properly plan and execute improvements to your dietary habits to reach your individual health and fitness goals.