6 Best Foods for Muscle Recovery

I cannot stress enough the importance of refuelling your body properly post-workout to kickstart muscle regeneration. In fact, the goal of recovery nutrition extends beyond just repairing torn muscles to enable growth. The meal you eat immediately after exercise should also successfully rehydrate your body, provide nutrients to optimize your immune system, and boost your energy levels to prevent fatigue and mental exhaustion.

That’s a big deal, right? Absolutely it is! My clients know that they can move around meals in their diet plan freely, however their post-workout meal must always come within about an hour from when they finish training.

So, the obvious next question is what should you be eating to achieve all these goals? I got you.

Click below to read my guest blog for Kaizen Naturals for my top six recommended post-workout foods to help you see amazing results from your efforts in the gym.

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