Welcome, sweet, sweet 2021! We have all been eager to put this crazy year behind us and hit January running. Have you set your New Year’s Resolutions yet? Yes, of course, eating well and exercising is on the list – but are you remembering to be kind to your body and make room in your life for rest & recovery?

If you are like me, your schedule is jam-packed, and that’s probably the way you like it. I don’t leave myself much downtime either (except to spend time with my daughter), but active individuals need to prioritize their selfcare routine as much as they do their training regime. If you’re putting in the effort to crush your workouts, then you deserve to see maximum results! Many fitness enthusiasts cannot wrap their heads around the importance of rest, which is actually when muscles repair and grow stronger.

So let’s commit to doing this together! Here are 10 easy ways to become more mindful of your recovery program. Click to read the article!