Free 1st, 2nd & 3rd Trimester Safe Pregnancy Workout

Free Pregnancy Home Workout!

2x International Pro Fitness Model Champion & Fitness Expert Julie Germaine shares a safe and effective prenatal home workout. Julie is 26 weeks pregnant herself! Try this 20 minute circuit that requires no equipment and comment below with your feedback. There are many benefits to physical activity before becoming pregnant, as well as taking part in prenatal and postnatal fitness.

Be sure to approve physical activity by your health care provider before beginning any exercise routine, do not overexert yourself and keep hydrated.

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Not only is Coach Julie Germaine a pre- and post-natal certified personal trainer, but she is welcoming her first child this year. Julie has experienced first-hand how challenging staying fit during pregnancy can be. Subscribe to Julie’s Fit Pregnancy email list to learn more about how to adjust your activity and diet through all the stages to ensure mama and baby stay healthy.

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Over a decade in the fitness industry has provided Coach Julie Germaine with valuable experience. This fitness cover model has been featured in hundreds of magazines and worked with many multinational corporate sponsors. Julie has successfully helped thousands of clients lose weight and keep it off using her methods. Since 2005, she has been devoted to changing lives through incredible weightloss transformations. A crowned 2x International Pro Champion herself, Julie once specialized in physique consulting for bikini & fitness models, providing contest prep internationally to hundreds of winning amateur & pro athletes. Recently, Julie has begun her own family and became pre & postnatal certified to help women enjoy healthy, active pregnancies. Learn more about Julie's online training programs and subscribe to her emails for fitness tips that are suited to your unique goals.

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