Here we are, a brand new year. This is a great time to evaluate your life and push yourself to grow by establishing new goals. Get to know yourself and spend time thinking about when you are happiest and what excites you for the future. Let yourself dream – and then let yourself believe those dreams are possible. Force your mind to see those dreams are goals, making them attainable and real in your future.

  1. If you don’t believe you can achieve your dreams, you won’t put in the work required. (Think of dreams as goals, real in your future.)
  2. Want it more than you don’t want it. (Me: I want cookies, but sometimes I want a sexy body more.)
  3. Be open to new ideas to help you reach success. (You are amazing, but you don’t know everything. Reach out for advice from others who have accomplished the very thing you desire.)
  4. As you go after bigger challenges, obstacles become greater also. (You’ve come this far, just know that the new you is a person who can handle the pressure.)
  5. Make real commitments. (If you can easily walk away from something, you are not dedicated to it. Just as you invest in relationships or purchase a home, be as married to your goals. Be an owner, be a boss!)
  6. Take action and make it happen. (Any small step toward your overall dream is movement in the right direction. Stay positive about the progress you see and continue to work hard. Your effort will pay off – I promise!)
  7. Your habits determine your life. (Chose your daily routine carefully and understand that this is you. What you choose to do with your precious time day in and day out is going to be your life. Choose wisely. Invest your time in people and activities that get you closer to the future you in your visions.)
  8. Bad days happen. Don’t let them consume you. (There are nights when I just need to go to bed. So I do! Tomorrow is a new day, full of promise and opportunity. Fresh starts come every 24 hrs so cry your frustrations away and get some rest so you are strong for the battle coming.)

What do I know? Why take advice from me? I certainly don’t claim to have life figured out, but my hope is that sharing some of what I believe and learn will help you enjoy each day and live with passion.

Julie Germaine, Industry-Leading Fitness Trainer and 2x WBFF Pro Fitness Model Champion

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Photography by David Ford and WForrest