Julie Germaine, 2x WBFF Pro Fitness Model Champion, Photo Mark Bradfield

In a rush and tempted to skip your warm-up and head straight to the dumbbells? Wait! You might not realize it now, but taking time to ease your body into training can actually help you get that 6-pack you’ve always wanted!

Looking great is a reward for being healthy, but you need to train with your future health in mind! A big problem I notice lately in fitness is young men and women killing their workouts, but having little regard for their joints not only during bouncing sets, but by skipping a warm-up. As we get older, we require more time to prepare for physical activity, so keep that in mind and realize investing time in your body now saves in the long run.

Watch the video below to see the quick, full body warm-up that I do religiously before every weight training workout! To receive more advice on getting healthy and creating your ideal physique sign up here!

2 Things That Happen When You Warm-Up:

  • Mental Focus & Mind/Body Connection helps you prepare and plan your workout and improves reaction and co-ordination time! You should still do a light, full body warm-up even if you’re training upper body.
  • Joints are Lubricated and blood temperature increases to prepare you for heavy lifting. This will reduce risk of injury and allow you to work out longer and harder!

The goal of warming up is to prevent injury while training. Make sure your workout is as effective and positive as possible!

My warm-up routine ERRRRRRRRRDAY!

  1. twelve ea direction arm circles
  2. overhead upward stretch
  3. side bend to each side
  4. forward bend to each side
  5. hamstring stretch toward floor both side
  6. double hamstring stretch forward
  7. forward neck rolls (do not roll back at all)
  8. side head tilt both sides
  9. turn head to look left, then right
  10. right side head tilt with rotation to look toward right should, repeat to other side
  11. torso twists
  12. chest stretch both arms

On Lower Body Workout Days, optional to add the these stretches (however not as deeply at the beginning of your training). You should also warm-up with body weight only for the first few exercise sets.

Keeping your body healthy and agile will enable you to push your fitness to new heights! Once the momentum is going in the right direction, your fitness goals will be achieved in no time!

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