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  • Diet is so important! I love food too and know how to control your cravings, stay on diet when needed and incorporate indulgences. I can help you learn what you need to do to cut bodyfat quickly without damaging your metabolism.

  • Motivation and Support when you need it! I make myself available to members with Live Q & As and send extra emails if I come across a fun new exercise or diet-friendly treat you might enjoy.

  • Muscle Development for Great Glutes! I am excited to help more women build their dream bodies with my glute-priority workout program, released mid-2016!

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  • Weightloss! Clients lose an average of 10 pounds in 5 weeks, over a pound per week!

  • Reduce Bodyfat! Past clients lose 1-2% bodyfat every week when training with me!

  • Long-term Health! Members learn how to control their weight and change their daily habits easily to embrace an active, fit lifestyle!

  • More Muscle = Better Metabolism! Increased strength also creates a faster, healthier metabolism!

  • The combination of this workout plan, diet outline and motivational reinforcement leads to an incredible acceleration in desired positive results.

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  • WORKOUTS! Great strength training and cardio programs that you’ll love which feature high definition video tutorials for every exercise!

  • Meal Plan! Enjoy variety every day with the easy-to-follow, meal-by-meal, week-by-week diet plan that includes a program explaining when cheat meals are ok and how to adjust your plan to look your very best on week 5! 

  • Grocery List! Food prep is stress free with the provided list of necessary items – making starting a breeze.

  • Support! All your questions will be answered!