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How to Apply False Eyelashes

A simple way to enhance your look is by applying false eyelashes. Many women use them for competitions, photoshoots or just a Saturday night out. Trust me, it’s not as tricky as you think! Below are my tips on how to apply false eyelashes easily by yourself. Please SHARE this blog with your girlfriends via your social media feeds and sign up for my free emails to continue to receive fitness advice, beauty tips and more from me in the future!

You will need a full set of eyelashes, eyelash glue, tweezers, Q-tips and should have applied your mascara in advance. Watch the video below to see me apply my own eyelashes and learn what my favourite products are. (After trial and error, I’ve found the products I feel yield the best results. The glue shown was purchased at Sally’s Beauty Supplies, applies easily and is available in clear dry or black. The lashes used in this example were purchased at Shoppers Drug Mart, fit the width of my eye perfectly and are very pliable.)

Read below for step-by-step instruction on how to apply false eyelashes easily by yourself!

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With practice, applying false eyelashes will add just a few extra minutes to your beauty routine and is completely worth the effort!

  1. Use the tweezers to carefully remove the lashes from packaging.
  2. Reposition the tweezers to grip the middle of the lash. The base of the lash should be closest to your body with the lashes flaring up. Your hand is in the pronated position (palms downward).
  3. Before applying glue, hold the lash against your eyelid to gauge whether or not clipping needs to be done. The false lash should not extend past the edge of your eye. If necessary, clip the eyelash set at this time (Not shown in video as I have found a brand that exactly fits my eye.)
  4. Squeeze the glue and allow the product to drip down the nozzle. This allows you to slide the eyelash base along the nozzle to evenly distribute the glue in a thin line. Remove any excess blobs of glue by using the stem of a Q-tip lightly (avoid using the cotton tip as fibres may come off and irritate your eye once the eyelash is placed).
  5. Blow on lash to encourage the glue to dry slightly, creating a more tacky texture. This will save you the frustration of eyelash that slip across the skin on your eyelid.
  6. Continuing to hold the lash with tweezers, press the eyelash against the inner corner of eyelid as close to the base of your natural lashes as possible. Reposition tweezers to carefully press the outer edge against your eyelid.
  7. Remove the eyelash completely and re-apply a small amount of glue using the same method outlined in #4. Repeating this process helps with accurate positioning since both the eyelid and false eyelash now have tacky glue on them. They will adhere nicely together and save you stress and drying time.
  8. Blow on the lash and then set in place once again, one end at a time.
  9. Once you are happy with placement, gently use tweezers to pinch the false piece in your natural eyelashes at both corners of your eye. Do not pinch skin, only lashes!
  10. A Q-tip can be used to remove any excess glue and further secure placement. (The better you get, the less clean up there will be!) Allow glue to dry for at least five minutes before applying any additional make-up. I usually add liner to finish the look and may even coat the lower lashes with mascara if make-up is heavy around the eye.

Watch the video below to see my step-by-step process to easily put on a full set of false eyelashes 100% by yourself! With practice, applying false eyelashes will add just a few extra minutes to your beauty routine and is completely worth the effort! To receive more of my beauty tips and fitness advice FOR FREE, sign up here!