Julie Germaine Fitness Annual Membership

Julie Germaine Fitness Annual Membership


The best fitness membership site! Expert athletic techniques collected over a lifetime. Masterclasses and fitness programs designed to support your individual goals. Nutritional guidance that makes simple sense of eating healthy.

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Coach Julie Germaine is proud to share her lifetime of experience in the fitness industry with you! Enjoy fitness masterclasses that will help you build muscle, lose weight, navigate prenatal fitness and recover postpartum! The Sweat with Julie section of the members area offers hundreds of easy to access, mobile-friendly workouts – all with clickable HD video exercise tutorials to coach you on proper form. Mens fitness programs and womens fitness programs.

Choose a bodypart to train today in your gym or at home, or download a full year of programs that align with your unique goals. Annual programs are organized into five training phases for the best results: foundations, build, lean out, maintain and strength. You will learn a lot about what works best for your body and will be prepared to keep up your new fit lifestyle.

Nutritional advice and recipes are an important feature.

Website database of information is constantly growing. Julie Germaine has some great ideas in store for her members!

Read more about membership here!

Enrolment is open, and your trainer is looking forward to connecting with you on the next live coaching call!

If you want to pay monthly rather than annually, follow this link.


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