Babybuilding Prenatal Fitness Program

Babybuilding Prenatal Fitness Program


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Prenatal Fitness* and PostPartum Recovery Programs
(12 months, 2-5 day splits, 20-60 mins) • Home or Gym Workouts • Help Your Changing Body Adjust To Pregnancy & Recover After Delivery • Extended Maternal Nutrition Advice Available in Julie Germaine Fitness Babybuilding Masterclass Membership 

Bonus! Diastasis Recti Recovery Program


Babybuilding Prenatal Fitness Program

| Prenatal Fitness* and PostPartum Recovery Programs
(12 months, 2-5 day splits, 20-60 mins) • Home or Gym Workouts • Maternal Nutrition Advice • Help Your Changing Body Adjust To Pregnancy & Recover After Delivery |

Choose to Sweat with Julie during your active pregnancy! Coach Julie appreciates that you trust her to help you navigate your physical activity during your pregnancy and into the postpartum period. Everyone’s experience is different, so let’s start out by accepting that this time is not about getting into better shape or losing body fat, but that the priority is your health and that of your baby. He or she is depending upon you for their development. The foods you eat are their building blocks, so good and adequate nutrition is very important. Dieting or restricting your caloric intake is not recommended for this reason – you and the little fetus within need that energy to grow together.

It’s amazing that you are dedicated to being as healthy as possible for your little one! It is proven that women who are active before and/or during their pregnancies have less complications and pain, and even experience easier deliveries.

Coach Julie Germaine welcomed her first child in 2018, and worked out every day of her pregnancy! She is excited to share her workouts with you now, along with all the important information you will need to help your changing body adjust! You will be provided with pregnancy safe* workout programs created for each Trimester, along with guidelines to recovery during the postpartum period and begin to lose your baby weight. There is NO RUSH! You can go at your own pace and train in the comfort of your home or at the gym; workouts are provided to meet your needs!

This downloadable workout guide and pregnancy symptoms breakdown will safely guide your training and help you bounce back after baby arrive. Bonus! Coach Julie included her Diastasis Recti Recovery Program in case you need it. Visit her blog to learn more about Diastasis Recti. Please note that purchasing membership to the Julie Germaine Fitness website gives you access to the Babybuilding Masterclass, which include mobile-friendly workouts and pregnancy stretching routines that feature high definition video exercise tutorials for every movement! Your trainer is available every step of the way to support, motivate and educate you. Coach Julie also schedules weekly coaching calls with her website members to answer questions and help motivate you!

She welcomes questions from her clients always, so you will have her full support, pretty mama!

1 review for Babybuilding Prenatal Fitness Program

  1. Catherine

    There is so much value in this program! I also was surprised that Julie reached out personally and we chatted every week, even though I did not purchase a custom program or Skype consults. My pregnancy was a tough one, but my recovery was much easier because of the activity I was able to safely do with Julie’s advice.

    • Julie Germaine

      I was so proud of you, mama! It’s tough to be kind to ourselves during pregnancy and accept the changes to our bodies. Plan as much as we want, we have to go with the flow and just do what we can! Your efforts paid off, though, and that gorgeous little baby was worth all the struggle.

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