HAPPY NEW YEAR! With a toddler at my feet, I don’t have much time to get out this post, so let’s dive straight in!

New Year Resolutions – yay or nay? My mom had these confused with Birthday Wishes, thinking you weren’t supposed to share them. The thing is, resolutions are not a ‘hope’ sent out into the universe, but a commitment to yourself to make a positive change in your life this year. You do not sit back and ‘wish’ for them to happen, you make a plan and get to work your damn self!

If resolutions aren’t your thing – and I’ll admit, they aren’t mine – then here is a tip from one of my mentors. Sit down and think about what you want to achieve this new year and develop a personal mantra that will help you stay focused on that goal. This word or short phrase should motivate you. You will come back to it when things get tough and want to give up, repeating it to yourself to build back up your drive.

One of my mentor’s past mantras was “I can and I will; watch me“, which I love. I was tempted to use this myself for 2020, but then another one popped into my mind; a simple statement that reminds me not to get overwhelmed but just to keep doing my best. I heard LL Cool J on The View a few weeks back, being questioned about his career success and performance in long-standing role on NCIS: Los Angeles, and he shrugged and said, “Well, I don’t phone it in.” He is crushing his goals and living the life of his dreams because he keeps pushing and working hard every opportunity, year after year.

So here it is, my 2020 mantra is “Show Up Every Day“. Do you want to use it too? I’ll be repeating this to my Julie Germaine Fitness members during out live coaching calls and think it can really help you realize that every small effort pays off over time! There are multiple other ways this mantra inspires me that I’ll explain more to my clients too.

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Whether you make a resolution or create a mantra, the secret to fulfilling your goal is to get support! Tell people your resolution to have accountability. Sign up for a fitness program to train along with other people who share your focus and have the same drive to succeed.

Cheers to our success!




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Thank you!