There are so many hard-working clients who make their dreams a reality using Julie Germaine Fitness, and it’s always fun to share their stories to motivate & inspire others that their goals are possible. Thank you to the featured client for agreeing to talk about their personal journey and giving permission to share these photos.

AGE: 23

Date you began training with JGFit: 2019

Starting Weight (lbs): 137.4

Todays Date: August 2020

Current Weight (lbs): 133.4

Summarize your current fitness goal/s in 20 words: My goal was to be overall healthier, consistent with my diet and training and put on lean muscle.

Please share your fitness journey. Be as detailed as you like. It’s your feature! I’ve been working out for almost 6 years now and have made a lot of lifestyle changes along the way! Over time though, I felt that I had lost some motivation and hit a plateau. I would go months with only training 2x per week and eating poorly which in turn, let to some depression which is why I started training with Julie. Her plan has made me push myself harder than I ever have before and I’m loving the way I feel now!

What is your longterm fitness goal/s? To remain consistent with my eating habits, training and still challenging myself daily.

How has your coach helped you be successful? She’s helped me be overall more motivated. I actually look forward to my workouts every day! She holds me accountable and is always fast at responding any time I have a question. Plus, the meal plan has a variety of things to choose from so I’m never bored when it comes to my diet either. I no longer have the desire to cheat throughout the week like I did before I started this!

What obstacles did you face? What was the hardest part? I struggled with finding the motivation to push myself every day to get my workouts done. Normally I was too tired or just didn’t care too do it.

You are an inspiration! What bit of advice would you like to share with others? Trusting the process and stop comparing yourself to other people. I still have to tell myself this because 99% of the time, the photos you’re comparing yourself to are not realistic.

Do you recommend JGFit to others? Why? Yes! Julie will take the time to understand your body and make the correct, healthy adjustments along the way! Her workouts are challenging and fun, and the meal plan gives you options so you’re never bored! She’s so knowledgeable about what she does and is there to support you every step of the way!


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