3 Month Custom Fitness Program & Nutritional Coaching

3 Month Custom Fitness Program & Nutritional Coaching


Coach Julie Germaine has helped thousands of clients achieve incredible body transformations! Trust your health to this experienced fitness expert and work directly with the winning 2x Pro Champion and fit mom, who will create workouts, a nutritional guideline and plan to help you achieve success in reaching your fitness goals!

Pay Month by Month

$225/month Cdn



(Monthly Payment Schedule Available)

Looking for a Custom Program?

Get fantastic results with 3 Months of Customized Fitness & Nutrition Programs by Coach Julie Germaine tailored to your individual needs.

Email info@juliegermaine.com to discuss your fitness goals!

Read 5 Star Reviews and View Coach Julie Success Stories!

“I love working with clients via individualized programs. This popular service includes frequent reassessments to chart your progress, customized workout programs, nutrition plan and full access to me with questions. You can count on my support 100% during your fitness transformation!” – Coach Julie


Reach out with any questions or for more information: info@juliegermaine.com

Prefer to pay monthly?

Pay Monthly

$225/month Cdn


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