There are so many hard-working clients who make their dreams a reality using Julie Germaine Fitness, and it’s always fun to share their stories to motivate & inspire others that their goals are possible. Thank you to the featured client for agreeing to talk about their personal journey and giving permission to share these photos.

AGE: 47

Date you began training with JGFit: January 20, 2020

Starting Weight (lbs): 182.8 lbs

Todays Date: June 22, 2020

Current Weight (lbs): 177 lbs (down 11.5 inches!!!! – all lost while recovering from knee surgery!!)

Summarize your current fitness goal/s in 20 words: Optimizing my health and fitness, by eating and training properly. Improving weight and health concerns.

Please share your fitness journey. Be as detailed as you like. It’s your feature! First off… Julie is amazing! I have had my own struggles this year aside from the global struggles that have been happening thru and thru. I worked with Julie about 10 years ago with great success. Over those years, I fell off and on that bandwagon. Struggle after struggle and new I needed to reach out to her again. With an upcoming knee surgery and my health not where I wanted it to be. She rode with me thru my knee surgery and recovery, adapting my workouts accordingly. I got back in the momentum and boom we get hit with a world pandemic. I just got back into my gym routine and it was pulled out from under me. We adjusted again and went to home workouts. I tried my best, the workouts were great but I’m a gym girl. I was off and on with the meal plan and workouts but we stuck thru it together. The gym helps me with the depression and anxiety I suffer from. Clears my mind and puts me in a better place both mentally and physically. On top of recovering from knee surgery, I found out my thyroid was still off, been adjusting meds for the past 8 years and now I was also Estrogen Dominant (who knew that was a thing?, not me!). I had almost every symptom and hopefully further answers as to why when I eat clean and focus on my workout is my weight stagnant, aside from the fatigued. Making adjustments in my life once again, I have began to see improvements in my health I am happy to say I have my gym again and have been fully focused. Ready to conquer all and I couldn’t have done it and I won’t be able to do it without Julie!

What is your longterm fitness goal/s? Lose and eventually maintain a healthy weight. Improve my health conditions. Learn to enjoy a ‘cheat’ here and there without having the guilt. Stop obsessing with the scale… it’s just a number and messes with the mind.

How has your coach helped you be successful? Julie has worked with me thru my journey, adjusting where needed. Very supportive and responsive to my emails. She has helped me realize what I didn’t think at this point was achievable.

What obstacles did you face? What was the hardest part? For the most part not having gym access, I’m not a home workout kind of girl. Health concerns… knee surgery and recovery. Plus the added thyroid and hormone issues.

You are an inspiration! What bit of advice would you like to share with others? Take each day as it comes. Remember you can’t change what you did or what happened. You just learn how to handle it better in the future.

Do you recommend JGFit to others? Why? She’s amazing! Extremely knowledgeable. Supportive and works with what works best for her client and their needs. I don’t get bored of my workouts and she adjusts them accordingly. The bi-weekly checkin’s keep me on a better track!

Heather is looking absolutely beautiful and feeling happier & healthier!

Heather's amazing results so far! Before/After


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