There are so many hard-working clients who make their dreams a reality using Julie Germaine Fitness, and it’s always fun to share their stories to motivate & inspire others that their goals are possible. Thank you very much to Erin for agreeing to talk so openly about her personal journey and giving permission to share these photos.

AGE: 43

Date you began training with JGFit: June 2019

Starting Weight (lbs): 158 lbs

Todays Date: May 2020

Current Weight (lbs): 143 lbs

Summarize your current fitness goal/s in 20 words: My current fitness goal is to be the best I can be, mentally and physically, to step back on stage after the Pandemic is over.

Please share your fitness journey. Be as detailed as you like. It’s your feature! My name is Erin and I am a 43 yr old, single mother of 3 beautiful children. Being a single mom and raising 3 children on my own has shaped me through the years to be who I am today. Its never been an easy path for me, but through everything, all of my ups and downs have helped shape me into the person I am.

Growing up I was always the tom boy of the group, sports and physical activity was my biggest joy. I learned early on, probably around the age of 15, that when I was having high stress levels through high-school, that going for a long run changed my mood and helped me manage stress in all areas of my life. After high-school, I continued to play sports in College and than at the end of my first year, had my oldest daughter Taylor. Taylor was diagnosed with AML Leukemia at 18 mths old and the world as I knew it, at the age of 20, changed completely. Over the next 7 years I spent the majority of my time in and out of the HSC Hospital in Winnipeg with Taylor. She received a Bone Marrow transplant at the age of 2.5 yrs old. Taylor relapsed when she was 5 and her doctors decided to try a Stem Cell transplant at this time, since we were out of options. Our home for all these years was the Ronald McDonald house, which was located down the street from the HSC Children’s Hospital. I fell in to a severe depression during these years and my mental and physical health took a back seat to my life as I went though all of this. I realized during Taylors’ transplant that I needed to get me back again and started working out at the University of Manitoba College of Medicine gym. The gym was attached to the HSC and was easily accessible to me in case there was an emergency with Taylor while I was away from her hospital room. I had amazing nurses that would stay with her while I took a break each day to workout, this was where my passion for weights started. The more stressful the day, the harder I lifted and before I knew it, I didn’t need medication to handle my depression and anxiety, I just needed the gym everyday!

When Taylor was around 8, I had my second daughter Camryn and right after at the age of 29 had my son, Quintin. They are my world! At 35, I went through my first divorce after 10 years of marriage. I realized while going through my divorce, that I had once again lost myself and had put so much energy into my children and marriage that I really didn’t know who I was anymore. I think this is something a lot of woman out there can relate too. I had let any focus on myself go and was a very unhappy person inside and out. When the world as you know it and the future you had planned changes, a little part of you dies and finding peace and acceptance is very hard. I began to search for what I needed to be happy again. I started back at the gym and fell in love, not just with weights and cardio, but the whole package of bodybuilding. I never really focused on the nutrition side of training, the 80% diet and 20% training, was something back than that i never believed and was all new to me….lol

In January 2018 I hired my first coach and trained for my first bodybuilding show in March. I continued on to my second show at the end June 2018 with a new coach, who through the proper nutrition and support, helped me become the best version on Stage I could be at that point. Right after my second show, I had been in a new relationship for 6 years, the last year we were married, I had a really big health scare with Breast Cancer. It wasn’t a supportive & loving relationship/marriage to begin with, and during the months to come with all my medical appointments and dealing with the possibility that I may have Cancer, my current husband was emotionally unable to be there and support me. He told me that he could never imagine being physical with me again and that he didn’t sign up for this when he married me. I think this is when I hit my lowest point in all my years of depression and anxiety. I let someone make me feel that I was not important and that I didn’t matter to anyone once again. After 4 extremely emotional months dealing with all this, I asked my husband for a separation. I needed to put myself & children first and could not do this while being in an emotionally abusive relationship as well. All that I could think about was who would take care of my kids if my tests came back that I had Cancer. 6 months after my separation… the longest six months of my life, I found out my Breast lumps were benign :) This is when I reached out to Julie!

I started training with Julie in June of 2019, and have loved every minute of it. She is a coach that cares and supports me in every area of my life. She is not just my coach, she is my friend. She inspires me on a whole new level with my fitness journey! My third show was scheduled for March 28th, 2020 but due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, otherwise know as the Coronavirus, it has been rescheduled for Oct 10, 2020. Through working with Julie I have found myself again and I am loving bodybuilding on a whole new level. Training isn’t just something I do to stay in shape, I do it to be the best version of myself mentally and physically.

What have I learned after all of my trials and tribulations to date…
* You need to love yourself enough to know that you deserve everything that this world has to offer you
* Your mental health is just as important as your physical health
* A happy mom raises happy children
* Its “OK” to be alone and focus on yourself
* Everything in life shapes you, its your choice if will have a positive or negative impact on you
* Change is definitely scary at times but also is needed to keep you evolving into the person you wish to become
* Never take anything or anyone for granted, life is to short

So right now, who knows what is to come for 2020 in the bodybuilding show world. I think all of us as competitors all feel the same and are missing our gym routines very much. I hope my story in someway, can help someone who may be needing encouragement in any area of their life. Always remember that you can handle anything this world throws at you and to never forget you are stronger than you think. Your mental health and fitness is not a sprint, it is a marathon, a journey for life!

What is your longterm fitness goal/s? I hope to work with Julie for years to come and one of my top long term fitness goals is to place top 3 in the Masters division at my next show.

How has your coach helped you be successful? Reaching out to Julie has changed everything with my training and nutrition. She has shown me how to eat healthy, still enjoy balance in my life while maintaining and improving when needed all of my fitness areas with training, in the on/off seasons.

What obstacles did you face? What was the hardest part? Juggling 3 children and 2 jobs as a single mom and making sure to dedicate the time needed to train for a show, has definitely been the hardest for me.

You are an inspiration! What bit of advice would you like to share with others? Your fitness goals and lifestyle is not a sprint, it is a marathon! Remember to love yourself enough to put your mental and physical health first. You can’t pour from an empty cup!

Do you recommend JGFit to others? Why? Yes! Julie loves her clients! She does up a program that works for everyone’s lifestyle and takes pride in your accomplishments. She understands life happens and works with you to reach your goals personally and physically. I am so glad I took the step to contact Julie and cant wait what the future holds!


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