Sweat with Julie: Female Problem Areas Circuit Training Workout

| Glutes, Hamstrings, Triceps, Core (30-45 mins) • Home/Gym Workout, Pregnancy Safe!* • Shaping/Firming/Fatloss |

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Always begin with a 5 min warm-up please. Click each exercise name to view a helpful video tutorial. Rest <60 secs between sets. The final 3 to 5 reps should be challenging, however done with proper form. Working out with friends is fun, so use a spotter for safety! If you experience pain or dizziness, stop immediately and consult a doctor before resuming activity.

Circuit below – rest 1 minute between sets
3 sets
Curtsy Lunges (reps 8 to 12)
Glute Kickback Pendulum with Band (reps 8 to 12)
Ball Wall Sits (reps 8 to 12)

Circuit below – rest 1 minute between sets
3 sets
Side Lunge with Overhead DB Press (reps 8 to 12)
Single Leg Ball Leg Curls (reps 8 to 12)
Overhead Tricep DB Extensions (reps 8 to 12)

Circuit below – rest 1 minute between sets
3 sets
Glute Abduction with Cross Knee Tap (reps 8 to 12)
Clam (reps 8 to 12)
Cat/Cow (reps 8 to 12)

Important Pro Tip! Your cool down helps your body begin to recover! This is also a perfect time to stretch :)

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