Sweat with Julie: FREE! Back Attack Workout

| Back (20-30 mins) • Gym Workout • Muscle Definition/Strength |

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Always begin with a 5 min warm-up please. Click each exercise name to view a helpful video tutorial. Rest <60 secs between sets. The final 3 to 5 reps should be challenging, however done with proper form. Working out with friends is fun, so use a spotter for safety!

Circuit below (rest 1 minutes between sets)
2 to 3 sets
Straight Arm Pressdowns (reps 10, 4 second eccentric)
Hyperextensions on Bench or on Ball (reps 10)
Plank with DB Row (reps 10)

2 to 3 sets
Lat Pulldown (reps 12) or Double Grasp DB Row

2 to 3 sets
Assisted Chin Ups (reps 12/to fail) SS Plank with Cable Row

2 to 3 sets
Seated Cable Row (reps 8 to 12) SS Spider Curls

Important Pro Tip! Your cool down helps your body begin to recover! This is also a perfect time to stretch :)

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