Julie Germaine, 2x WBFF Pro Fitness Model Champion, Nutrabolics Pro Athlete

Sharing my progress as I prepare for the FIBO 2016 Expo in Germany next month with Nutrabolics! You can sign up for my free emails to keep up to date on what expos I will be making appearances at and follow along with changes to my diet, workouts and supplement stacks.

Do you dream of capturing a sponsor to help you achieve your fitness goals? Watch this latest video below for 10 simple tips that will help you become more attractive to the best brands.

  • Show your passion for your sport all year! Attend events as an audience member and post fitness-related news even when you’re not actively preparing for a contest yourself.
  • Stay in shape! If you want to represent fitness, you should look the part. This doesn’t mean being jacked and tan, 27/4, it means looking and being healthy.
  • Reach out to local businesses for sponsorship opportunities first.  Starting small will teach you how to meet the needs of your sponsor and builds your reputation in the industry.
  • Be professional online and work hard to build your following across social media platforms. Companies are attracted to athletes with a large platform.
  • Educate yourself on the product line of your desired sponsor. Knowledge is power! You will best be able to help companies sell their product if you familiar with what makes them superior to their competitors.
  • Be reliable and ensure you are ready for bookings! As a sponsored athlete, you should be 4 weeks away from being photoshoot ready, which enables you to take advantage of last minute opportunities. This is also a good idea in case you suffer an injury or personal matters come up that distracts your diet or training schedule. Being ahead of the game will save you stress if unexpected situations occur.
  • Stick to your goals! If you announce you are doing a competition, follow through.
  • Don’t burn bridges! Emotions can run high, especially when low carb diets are involved!!! Realize that the way you treat every person reflects on who you are, so do your best to leave a good impression.
  • Be patient and be willing to work hard to realize your dreams! Don’t give up if you don’t catch the eye of your favourite supplement company right off the bat. Be appreciative of opportunities that do come to you, give them your all and keep your eye on the prize.
  • Be social at the events and fun at the after parties! Making friends always helps in life!