Hey ladies!

Do these problems sound familiar to you?

  • Cellulite
  • Bloated Stomach
  • Flat Butt 

Are these some of your goals?

  • Build More Defined Arms
  • Shape Legs & Glutes
  • Finally Rock 6-pack Abs!

I want to help you achieve the body (and butt!) you’ve always wanted!

Maybe you’ve already experienced great results on a fitness plan or for a competition, but have since gained a lot of weight back. It’s possible you could have damaged your metabolism, but more likely you’ve simply lost the motivation to get into shape again!

Contrary to what more people believe, I gain bodyfat very easily. I used to have to diet aggressively all the time on no carb diets to stay lean. Thankfully, my persistence in trying new diets, workouts, supplements and fitness products has led me to discover a perfect, healthy lifestyle combination to enjoy life, look sexy and feel energetic!

My method is a winning one! This marks my 5th consecutive year as Canada’s top ranked Professional Fitness Model. During those years, I was twice crowned the Champion!

If you’ve followed my 11 year long competitive career (and counting!) you know that I am famous for always being in shape. My off-season only means a fluctuation of about 5-8 pounds.

I can help you achieve the body (and butt) you’ve always wanted!

I look forward to seeing you in the Members Area!

Whether you are training at home or in a commercial gym with a trainer, you can incorporate my program starting right now.

Features of the Best Butt Glute-Priority Membership Site:

  • Weekly Workout Routines to Develop your Full Body, especially Build Round Glutes
  • High Definition Video Tutorials featuring Julie Germaine performing Every Exercise 
  • Mobile-friendly Members Area so you can access your Workout and HD Videos from anywhere!
  • Receive Emails Daily for the entire First Month directly from Julie to Motivate & Educate
  • Nutritional Guidelines and Supplement Advice along the way to ensure you push past training plateaus!
  • Large Resource of Information on Rest, Injury Prevention and Recovery Methods to help you train like a Pro!
  • Cardio Programs and Direction to Help You Shed Bodyfat Quickly
  • Flexibility Training and Warning Signs of Over-Exercising to Encourage Safe Training
  • Tips for Setting Realistic Goals and Achieving Them!

And More Importantly:

Fun, New Glute Exercises to Keep Your Body Guessing & Ensure You Never Get Bored of Your Workouts!

With each month, I will be sharing informative videos and blogs covering topics that I feel will help you thrive in your new active lifestyle! There is always new technology and research on health and fitness coming out, so we can learn together how we feel about new products or diets. You can avoid making mistakes that cause you injuries and streamline the time it takes to achieve your best butt and dream body with my help!

I look forward to seeing you in the Member Area! Let’s get started right now!

DISCOUNTED PRICE! Price listed includes one full year of Build Your Best Butt Glute-Priority Membership Access at a discounted rate, with monthly Membership fees after the first 12 months billed at $24.99/month.