As an experienced prenatal fitness expert and fit mom, Coach Julie appreciates that you trust her to help you navigate physical activity during your pregnancy and postpartum period.

Did you know… It is proven that women who are active before and/or during their pregnancies have less complications and pain, and even experience easier deliveries.

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Prenatal Fitness Program Preview

Yay for you! You are already a great mom, by looking into what type of exercise you should be doing to keep yourself and your baby healthy. There is loads of information out there, and it can be conflicting, which can lead many expecting mothers to get scared and stop working out altogether.

If you subscribed above to my free prenatal fitness emails, you will begin to receive help from me, but I do encourage you to go one step further and sign up for my Babybuilding Masterclass. I put this online course together to share all the information I learned during my education and through my own pregnancy journey.

As a very active person, I was surprised by my sudden limitations and had to be creative to find ways to train around my baby bump and overcome the other obstacles I experienced when pregnant.

Keeping active during your first, second and – YES! – even your third trimester is important for your health and for your baby. I know that you are going to find so much value in my course and I am proud to help you during this special time.

Coach Julie is certified & experienced in prenatal fitness and is excited to share her own prenatal workouts with you, along with all the important information you will need to help your changing body adjust!

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Eating for Baby

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There is so much to learn! As your baby grows, your body is changing in amazing ways. We help you understand & provide expert guidance so you can make the right choices for your family’s good health.

  • Safe Training During Pregnancy

  • Pregnancy Symptoms

  • Contraindications

  • Anatomical Changes

  • Physiological Changes

  • Postpartum Recovery

  • Diastasis Recti Rehab

  • Benefit of Exercise

  • Risks of Inactivity

  • Pelvic Floor Strengthening

  • Maternal Nutrition

  • Prenatal Workouts

  • Pregnancy-Safe Stretches

  • Breastfeeding

Being healthy during and post pregnancy was extremely important to me. I had gestational diabetes with my first pregnancy and gained 90 lbs so it was extremely important this time around to be healthy. During this pregnancy, not only did I not get gestational diabetes, I didn’t gain nearly as much weight as my first. Julie was pivotal in helping me with my nutrition and providing me with exercises that I could do safely at all stages of my pregnancy. She has also been an incredible support post pregnancy in helping me lose the baby weight at a healthy pace. Julie is not only incredibly knowledgeable, she is a great source of support through the ups and downs of pregnancy and post pregnancy.

Katherine Clarey

Customized Workouts

You will be provided with pregnancy safe* workout programs created for each trimester, along with guidelines to recovery during the postpartum period and begin to lose your baby weight. There is NO RUSH! You can go at your own pace and train in the comfort of your home or at the gym; workouts are provided to meet your needs! The mobile-friendly workouts and pregnancy stretching routines include high definition video exercise tutorials for every movement! Your trainer is available every step of the way to support, motivate & educate you.

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Babybuilding Prenatal Fitness is one of the many programs available to you when you purchase an affordable membership to Julie Germaine Fitness! This program will take you through your active pregnancy and guide your recovery postpartum, and then you can select another one of Coach Julie’s effective plans to take on your next fitness goal!

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