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Currently you will find over 1 hour of posing video tutorials that are high quality, professional and informative to allow you to confidently navigate the stage and teach you everything you need to know about posing for the bikini/fitness model categories. This type of instruction is usually $150/hr via Skype, so your $9.99 membership quickly pays for itself!

Going forward, I will respond to your emails questions information and will add blogs and contents based on demand.

FAQ’s About the Program

Currently the content only covers bikini & fitness model stage presentation, however other athletes will benefit from the explanation of what to expect on stage and how the show is run. In the near future, content will cover aspects of competing that will be relevant to all athletes, models and exercise enthusiasts who want to break into the fitness industry.

There is over 1 hr of high definition, professionally produced video providing a full explanation of posing for bikini and fitness model categories. The tutorials include the following (and more!):

  • How to Develop a T-Walk
  • Quarter Turn Poses
  • How to Look Professional on Stage
  • What to Expect on Stage
  • What are Comparisons? A Full Outline of the Comparison Round
  • Where to Stop and Pose on Stage
  • Stage Lighting: Why Missing Your Marker Could Lose You the Show
  • How to Walk with Confidence
  • How does Posing Differ Between Organizations
  • How to Interact with Other Competitors
  • When are you Being Judged?
  • Callouts: What Do They Mean?
  • What To Do When Your Competitor Number is Called
  • Decoding your Placement on Stage
  • How to Overcome Unexpected Situations
  • Don’t Allow Yourself to be Overlooked When the Stage is Crowded
  • Avoiding Common Mistakes That Could Lose You the Show!
It’s never too soon to start preparing! Whether you are an aspiring competitor, an amateur athlete or a Pro, I guarantee you’ll benefit from my experience.
The information provided is not organization specific and takes into account that the rules vary from one to another. I will do my best to alert you of situations where you need to research the contest of your choice to ensure you are on top of you game and feel prepared.

You can still work with your own trainer along with being a member of this site! It is important to learn from as many people as possible to be successful as a competitive athlete. This online community provides general information about modeling and contest prep. Users are expected to interpret the advice and apply to themselves as they see fit.

I do offer contest prep services if you are looking for a customized program to help you conquer the stage this season! Email or apply to become a client via

The urban dictionary defines a hack as a clever solution to a tricky problem. I want to help you prepare for your experience on stage or in front of the camera like a Pro – providing you with all the industry secrets by sharing my tricks and tips for success in one easy place. I will be welcoming questions and feedback from my members on what subjects they would like me to blog about next to ensure my content is top quality and targeted.

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The content expands to help meet the specific needs of members!

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Meet Fitness Celebrity and 2x Pro Champion

Julie Germaine knows how to Achieve Success in Fitness.

She is an internationally recognized fitness icon & reaches a million subscribers online everyday! She is one of Canada’s top professional fitness models and an industry-leading premier online trainer. This elite World-level athlete has held top 10 rankings during her 11+ consecutive competitive career, including repeat Pro Championship wins in 2013/14 and many top 3 World Championship awards.

Since 2006, Julie has specialized in physique consulting and fitness modeling, providing contest prep to hundreds of winning amateur and pro athletes all around the world. Many of her athletes received sponsorship opportunities thanks to her advice & connections.

Julie has also helped thousands more achieve incredible weight loss transformations. Let this super fitness model empower you to aim high, dream the impossible and teach you how to fulfill those fantasies!

Julie Germaine has been sponsored by several major companies during her career and has made consectutive appearances at all the major fitness events since 2005. She is an international cover model and has been published in hundreds of top fitness and bodybuilding magazines as a model and fitness expert, including:


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