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Two Skills That Make You Fit For Life

June 22nd, 2021|Categories: Fitness, Guest Blogs, Health, Home Workouts, Motivation, Success Tips, Weight Training|

TWO SKILLS THAT MAKE YOU FIT FOR LIFE Let’s skip over the long intro paragraph and just get right to it: the two skills that can make you [...]

Should You Exercise Every Day?

March 26th, 2021|Categories: Fitness, Guest Blogs, Health, Home Workouts, Motivation, Success Tips, Weight Training|

SHOULD YOU EXERCISE EVERY DAY? May I start by making some assumptions about your life? It’s busy, I bet. You have a demanding job, perhaps even a side [...]

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These Members Did It - So Can You!

“I’ve never been so fit!”

It is amazing what you can accomplish when you have the support and expertise of a fitness coach pushing you. The right changes to your diet and workout program can help you break through plateaus, build muscle and enjoy more definition in your physique.

Coach Julie client

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“After 5 years of hitting the gym, my results
plateaued. I owed it to myself to try something different… 2 months later, I lost 25 lbs and saw muscles I never knew existed! The result were instant, and very motivating. Much thanks for this amazing experience!” – Chris Harley

Chris got fantastic results from following the dieting and training methods that Coach Julie provides for her clients!

Chris, client

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“If you are looking for a coach in order to make a serious life change, there couldn’t be a better choice than Julie. I really appreciated being accepted as part of the group as I make my own strides towards my goals.”

Dana won the first Julie Germaine 5 Week Transformation Challenge! He lost belly fat, developed more definition in his back and made new friends during the challenge. Dana’s hard work is a great example of how much your body can change in just a short amount of time with the right fitness program.

Coach Julie client

5 Week Transformation Challenge

“Julie is such a ray of light! I did personal training with Julie and she is amazing. I learned so much from her and her positivity keeps you so motivated!” – Hilary Cunning

This online personal training client was dedicated and determined to lose weight, and with coaching from fitness expert Julie Germaine, her dreams came true! Alexa changed her life and is passionate about her active, healthy lifestyle.

Alexa, Coach Julie client

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